Details for Bridge;11-7-2017


Do you really
mean that
By Phillip Alder

Lee Ryan said, “I was
brought up with psychics and
tarot cards. My mum was
always told I was going to be
in a boy band and be famous
as a singer.”

into a different field?

Is he? Yes! He is an English
singer-songwriter and actor
best known as a member of
the boy band Blue. However, if
that prediction had not been
made, would he have gone

Good bridge defense requires the defenders to be of one
mind, correctly interpreting each other’s cards. In this deal,
how should East and West play to defeat four hearts?
West might have made a two-heart Michaels Cue-Bid, but
decided to ignore that weak diamond suit. North’s
two-spade cue-bid promised three or more hearts and at least
game-invitational strength. When South signed off in three
hearts, North raised to game, of course. Well, perhaps not
“of course.” He would have done much better to sign off in
three no-trump, which would have made with two overtricks.
West leads the spade ace, and East plays the 10, starting
a high-low with a doubleton. West cashes the spade king,
then leads a third spade so that his partner can ruff. But
what suit would West like his partner to return at trick four?
Right — a club. How can he achieve that?
By leading his spade eight at trick three, his lowest
remaining spade asking for the lower-ranking of the other
two side suits. Then West has to hope that East has been
watching the spades and trusts him.
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