Details for bridge 1-2-2018


From Sydney
to Providence,

By Phillip Alder
The International Bridge Press
Association 2017 Book of the
Year award went to “Battling the
Best” by Sartaj Hans (Master
Point Press). Hans lives in
Sydney, and he describes his
team’s run to fifth place in the
2014 Reisinger Board-a-Match
Teams in Providence, Rhode
In the diagramed deal, South’s
one-club opening showed at
least 16 points. Over West’s
intervention, North’s double typically indicated 6 or 7 high-card
points, but could have been more with no five-card suit or club
Against four spades, West led the heart three, third- or fifthhighest.
Hans (South) won with dummy’s queen (East played the five) and
would have done best to continue with the spade jack. However,
he played a low spade to his 10. Declarer cashed the heart ace
(seven, six, four) and ruffed the heart king (eight, spade four, heart
nine). On the next spade lead from the board, East rose with his
ace and shifted to the club eight. West took two tricks in the suit,
then led a third round so East could ruff away dummy’s jack. After
overruffing, South had to find the diamond queen.
To delay the evil moment, declarer cashed a spade, on which East
discarded the heart two.
What did South know? That West had begun with 1=3=3=6 shape,
and East with 3=5=3=2. It seemed to be a diamond guess. But
Hans wondered why East, a world champion, had been so helpful
as to throw the heart two instead of the heart 10, giving South an
accurate count. Reading East correctly, Hans played a diamond to
the ace and successfully finessed through East.
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