Details for bridge 1-3-2018


Give them
their due
a little too early

By Phillip Alder
The theme of today’s deal could
be summed up in the line,
“Render unto Caesar the things
that are Caesar’s.”
The International Bridge Press
Association’s Gidwani Family
Trust 2017 Defense of the Year
went to Cédric Lorenzini (East)
and Jean-Christophe Quantin
(West) from France. The deal
was originally written up by Mark
Horton from England.
In the auction, South’s two-club rebid was Gazzilli, either natural
or any hand with 16 or more points. Two diamonds showed hearts
and enough points to wish to be in game opposite 16-plus. (That
was an overbid, especially given the singleton spade.) Four clubs,
four hearts and five diamonds were control-bids.
When the dummy came down, declarer anticipated winning these
11 tricks: eight spades, two hearts (by taking two finesses) and
one club.
As you can see, declarer seemed destined to succeed. However,
West found the killing lead when he chose a low heart. His seven
was either third-highest from an even number of cards or lowest
from an odd number. South tried immediately for his 11th trick by
playing dummy’s queen, but East took the trick with his king. What
did East do next?
Lorenzini found the only defense when he immediately returned a
heart into dummy’s ace-10.
If South had tried to cash his second heart winner, East would
have ruffed. Instead, declarer took a club finesse at trick three,
hoping East had the king and queen or one honor singleton or
doubleton. No luck.
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