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© 2017 by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Schinkel, Graphics Vol. 33, No. 48 Many vistors use paper and a _______ or chalk to make rubbings of some of the names as a keepsake and reminder of their ________ to the memorial. Replace these words missing from the article. The replica is 80% the size of the actual Vietnam Veterans Memorial, but it includes every one of the names. Photo by Hu Totya Sometimes called “The Wall,” the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a very ____________ monument. It is a place for friends, family members and people from around the country and the world to _______ to remember the sacrifice of those who died. military. Katilyn O. Dear Great Grandpa, Thank you for our freedom. I never think of anyone more than you on Veteran’s Day. Thank you for providing the freedom we have today. I wish I could have met you. I never thought I would have a grandpa in the army. Your great- granddaughter, -Josephine Z. P.S. I love you x10 This year marks the 35th anniversary of The Wall. Special events will be held in Washington, D.C. The Memorial was designed by a Yale University student named Maya Ying Lin. Can’t travel to Washington, D.C. to see the wall? There is a traveling replica of The Wall that visits cities across America throughout the year. You can see the schedule at to find out where it can be seen. Standards Link: Civics: Students know how Veterans Day reflects the shared values, principles and beliefs of Americans. HINT: There is more than one answer. Standards Link: Number Sense: Calculate sums to 100. MEMORIAL VETERANS KEEPSAKE VIETNAM COUNTRY DISPLAY SERVED NAMES WORLD CHALK PAPER HUEY MAYA YING LIN Photo courtesy VFW Post 1943 rom the mid-1950s through 1975, nearly 3 million Americans served in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. permanently displays the names of the 58,195 men and women who gave their _____ in service to our country. Can you pick three stars that add up to exactly 100? Circle the two identical Huey helicopters. Find the words by looking up, down, backwards, forwards, sideways and diagonally. S P E C W O R L D E A Y A M D I P A I K Y V E T E R A N S A L I H V V E P A P S C E N U R T E M L P H T I G E E R E A E A N L R S Y A S Y E L A I R O M E M N K K M Y R T N U O C S Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recongized identical words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns. Heroes When Maya Ying Lin’s design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was first selected, some people were upset by the unusual monument. People were used to seeing statues of men on horseback and other powerful tributes to military heroes. Maya Ying Lin’s design was unlike any other monument and not at all what people expected. Ask a parent about a time they changed But over time, The Wall has become one of the most powerful and beloved their opinion about something. tributes in America, visited by over three million people each year. Many people make rubbings at The Wall. Place a piece of paper over an object. TMrs. Mitchell’s Third Grade Class in Lawton-Bronson Honors Our Vets. Veteran Strong, brave Helping, serving, surviving Always saving people’s lives Soldier -Jonathon B. Veteran Brave, friendly Fighting, loving, caring Scribble back and forth gently with a pencil. Always help people out Soldiers -Ella B. Veteran Brave, hero Fighting, surviving, caring Fight for our country Hero -Owen B. Veteran Brave, helpful Fighting, working, loving You can make rubbings of plaques, leaves and more. Create a whole book of the rubbings you create as a keepsake. Memory Page Create a page so that in the future you can remember your life today. Look through the newspaper and select pictures and words that describe you and your life today. Use these to decorate a page all about you! Standards Link: Research: Use the newspaper to locate information. Always care for people Hero Jack B. Veteran Helpful, nice Protecting, serving, loving Always helpful and nice Soldier -Aubrie A. Mrs. Roder’s Third Grade Class at Lawton-Bronson is grateful for Look through the newspaper and clip pictures and articles about heroes, past and present. Make a “Heroes” poster. Tell the reason why each person is considered a hero. Standards Link: Civics: Understand how participation in civic responsibilities helps preserve democracy. Best Friends Send your story to: Who’s your best friend? What makes a friend a best friend? Give examples of reasons this person is your very best friend. Deadline: December 3 Published: Week of Dec. 31 Please include your school and grade. all of our service people who give back to our country every day. Dear Grandpa, Thank you for serving our country! Thank you for keeping us safe! I still have one more thing to tell you, Smile more! You are AWESOME! Your grandson, -Rhett R. Dear Veterans, Thank you for going to the war so we can be free. When a veteran goes to war, he or she is risking his/her life for you. So the next time you see a veteran, say thank you! Thank you veterans! Summer B. Thank you, Veterans, for keeping us free. It was powerful how some of you fought in World War II! Thanks for letting us have a chance to live freely. Thank you. I think you are all cool. When I grow up I want to be in the Dear Veteran, Thank you very much for keeping us safe. This country would not be safe without you. You guys are the best. We could not be any prouder of you. Thank you for keeping this country a great country. I could not do it. It’s something I would never be able to do. -Jake P. Ms. Jungers’ Kindergarten class at Hunt honors special Vets. Thank you for helping us. Eulalia F. Thank you for protecting us. Vincent V. Thank you for not doing bad things -Mia E. Thank you for protecting the city. Wednesday C. Help each other and get pumpkins. -Mauricio M. Mrs. Irwin’s Future Stars at Leeds Elementary honor our Vets. I like writing to a Veteran every year because they help our country in so many ways. They fight for our country and make it safe to live. Veterans are Great! -Chloe Thanks to all the Veterans’ out there. Thank you for all the service work you do and for the AWESOME Country we live in! Thank you! -Joslyn I’m thanking my Grandpa who served for our country. He passed on 2010 when I was 2 years old. I also want to thank all of the Veterans’ who serve our country. Heavenly Thank you Veterans’ for all you do and have done. You have saved our country and you are cool. You fight for us and die for us. I thank you so much. I wish you could join us on Veteran’s Day in our classroom celebration. You are the best! Branquavius Thank all the Veterans for serving our country and giving us our freedom. You serve our country risking your life for all of us. Rather you are serving now or you use to thank you all. Everyone one of you risked something to make the United States a better place to live, work, and raise a family. So once again, thank you all so very much! Nyamal Thank you, mom, for being in the Air Force and serving our country. Thank you and your Air Force friends. Thank you, Mommy, thank you! Collin

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