Details for Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Since the pipes are easily accessible, and there is generally some space to work with, bathroom or kitchen sink plumbing is a desirable place to start for a DIY. The best part about fixing plumbing yourself is the amount of money you can save. While purchasing a new sink is expensive, the parts that generally wear and cause problems are pretty cheap.

A worn washer, spring, or “o” ring often causes leaks. These parts aren’t difficult to get to, and the tools necessary to do so are probably already in your house. If you are very inexperienced, look for the brand name on the fixture and take a picture of the faucet and handles to a home improvement center. These places often have easy to understand diagrams of a faucet system that you can take home with you. The brand name and picture are to make sure you come home with parts that will fit your sink exactly. You’ll need to turn the valves underneath the sink to an off position before taking any of the fixtures apart.


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