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Position Title: Production Scheduler – Agricultural Division

This Production scheduling position is responsible for participating in all forecasting and demand planning activities as request for the Fimco AG-Spray retail locations and their product requirements. The Production Scheduler with then create, maintains and executes resulting build schedule models for those locations representing forecasted requirements. This position will incorporate business intelligence and forecasted information gathered from planning activities.

Job Requirements

Experience: Three to Five years of related operational production scheduling preferred.

Education/Training: High School / BA/BS college degree or its equivalent is beneficial but not required. Any system, software or related schedule training will provide additional benefit to applicant.


Demonstrated proficiency in deciphering forecasted requirements and turning into a representative production schedule model while possessing an understanding of the plans financial and operational impacts. Knowledge of ERP production scheduling software or other software related to demand planning is preferred.

Experienced with other software packages including Windows and Microsoft Office. This position requires strong analytical, organizational, decision making, and presentation skills. Strong interpersonal skills are also essential to effectively interact with all teams, areas and levels of business affecting the production scheduling process.

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