Details for Grab the Popcorn and a Soda! Let’s Go to the Movies!

Grab the Popcorn and a Soda!  Let’s Go to the Movies!


Are you looking for a movie to go to? I suggest Pitch Perfect 3. It is a really good movie. There is so much action and you will love the singing and dancing. You will never be bored while watching it. Plus, you get to eat popcorn. What’s not to like?!

Pitch Perfect 3 is about the Barden Bella’s competing in a singing competition. The group travels all around the world. They compete against other bands. Everyone finds the other bands better, so the Bellas are worried that they have no chance of winning. While they are on tour, Fat Amy finds her dad. Her dad wasn’t exactly a good guy. He kidnaps the Bellas. Fat Amy has a plan to save the Bellas. The Bellas perform to distract her dad. Finally, Fat Amy saves the Bellas and an explosion happens. That’s all I’m going to tell you. Watch Pitch Perfect 3 to find out what happens next!  Aubrey Erickson                               Mater Dei


Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor is a very honored, serious, and exhilarating hero from the numerous Avengers movies that have been released over the past years.  This movie reveals a portion of Thor’s destiny.  But before his destiny arrives in the end, he has to confront his sister, the goddess of death. These actions will change his life and add new experiences in his life.  In this former comic, you will meet many absurd figures, aliens, Thor’s kin, and a green friend from “work”.

The plot of this story is that the goddess of death is going to take the throne of Asgard (Thor’s homeland) in triumph. During the beginning, Odin (or Thor’s father) passes away and moments later Thor’s evil sister emerges from a portal and overpowers him and his trickster brother, Loki. From here to the middle of the movie, there are numerous portals, championships containing brawls, and hilarious/amusing moments.  Like many movies, the hero defeats the villain in a struggle with the usual drawbacks like losing an eye or having your home get demolished by an enormous and demon-like man.

You don’t have to watch more than one movie to think this one is funny, attention-grabbing, or even a great influence to watch more Avengers movies. My opinion on this movie is that it is a great family movie that contains many twists and turns. If watching this movie at home or in the theater, have a great time pointing things out, laughing, and waiting for the next preview near the credits!  Luke Morgan                       Mater Dei


Who loves to laugh during a movie? I know I do! If you do love to laugh then go to the movie Pitch Perfect 3. It’s about a group of girls that are called the Bellas and they sing acapella. They travel across the world and were asked to sing at army bases while the people in the service get to see their family.  Some of them even reunite with their own dads and that’s when trouble comes in.

Fat Amy’s dad tries to come back into her life. She later finds out that her dad doesn’t really want her back, he just wants her money. So he takes her friends and gives them a deadline to give him money. He threatens Fat Amy if she doesn’t come, he will hurt them. Fat Amy does her job to save her friends. To find out the rest, go to the movie Pitch Perfect 3Olivia Fitch

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