Details for Rasmussen's Ford Autocheck Vehicle History Report

What is AutoCheck Score?

Only AutoCheck vehicle history reports include the AutoCheck Score, a tool that enables you to understand a vehicle's past quickly and easily, compare it to other vehicles, and lower the risk of buying a vehicle with undetected problems.

Your vehicle's history can affect your vehicle's AutoCheck Score. Factors that can negatively influence the Score include:

·         Accidents

·         Mileage

·         Title brands such as salvaged or rebuilt title

·         Problems with the odometer such as rollback or broken odometer

·         Frame damage

·         Water damage

·         Whether the vehicle has been branded as a lemon

·         Whether the vehicle has ever been stolen or repossessed

·         Whether the vehicle has ever been used as a police or taxi vehicle

Think of the AutoCheck Score as a rating summarizing the longer list of report data. Paired with the AutoCheck Score Range, the AutoCheck Score allows you to quickly compare vehicles of similar age and class. View a sample AutoCheck Score tile below:


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