Details for The Top Car Detailing Secrets

Ever wondered how professional valets and detailers are able to make cars look so shiny, and keep them that way for longer?

If you enjoy taking care of your car but are often left disappointed with the results, you’ll feel the benefit of our top car detailing secrets, which offer hints and tips on how to get the most from your washing, waxing and polishing efforts.

Learning how to detail your car to a professional standard isn’t just a matter of vanity, it’s a smart way to maintain your car’s value, and make sure you get the best possible price when it comes to selling it on.

Here, we offer a selection of car detailing secrets from the Simoniz experts, as well as a handful of further tips from the experts at Professional Valeters & Detailers (PVD).

1. Dry glass surfaces in two directions

When cleaning and drying your car’s windows, you’ll almost certainly come across an annoying streak on either the outside or the inside of the glass. To make the process easier, get in the habit of drying the exterior glass in one direction and the interior in another (horizontal and vertical for instance).

By making the effort to dry the glass this way, you’ll know whether the streak is on the outside or inside of the car by the direction it’s facing — so you can deal with the problem quickly without causing any more streaks and blemishes. (Using a product like Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner will also help to avoid streaks.)

2. Don’t forget to clean the very top of the windows

One simple tip that can help you avoid unwanted smears is to wind down the windows to clean the topmost portion of the glass. Excess product can build up in the window jamb, and could result in streaking, dripping and other marks. By winding the windows down an inch or two, you can make sure every inch of the car receives a professional clean, so that all dirt, debris and excess product is removed.

3. Treat your trim first

Black plastic trim requires different care and maintenance from the rest of the bodywork. To keep plastic trim looking its best, we’d recommend treating it with a black restoring product before waxing and polishing the surrounding metalwork.

Why? Products like Simoniz Back to Black Bumper Shine are designed to not only restore the colour of the plastic, but protect it from grime, chemicals and abrasion. Waxes and polishes can actually stain the bare plastic, which is why it’s a good idea to treat these areas first.

4. Apply wax with a power buffer — don’t remove it with one

A power buffer is a great way to get professional results, but it’s important to know how to use one properly. Often, people make the mistake of removing wax and polish with a buffer, but this can lead to an uneven finish and swirls in the clear coat.

Instead, you should apply wax with a power buffer, before removing with a soft, dry cloth. By covering the buffer pad in wax, you’ll prevent the machine from burning the paint layer and end up with a thin and evenly distributed coat of wax.

5. Check the surface with a plastic bag

Before sealing the paintwork with a fresh coat of wax, you should always check to make sure all areas of dirt and abrasion have been removed. But how do you do this without getting annoying fingerprints all over your freshly washed and polished bodywork?

One of the simplest ways to feel for areas of dirt and abrasion is to put your hand in a standard plastic carrier bag and run it over the surface of the car. This will allow you to feel for any bumps and bits of dirt, without the risk of getting greasy fingerprints on the paintwork.

6. It’s all about the type of cloth

Traditionally, sponges have been the go-to tool for washing cars, but no longer. Now it’s all about soft, microfibre cloths, which make it easier to wash, rinse and dry your car’s paintwork without the risk of scratching or scrubbing.

Microfibre cloths offer lower friction and greater efficiency for fast, effective washing and rinsing. Just remember to keep your wash and dry cloths separate, and make sure you remove any labels or tags from the cloths to avoid scratching.


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