Details for The Best Part of Work! $5.00 Fill up Chicken Breast!

The best part of work is your lunch so why not make is count! Stop on by to your nearest KFC and enjoy a $5.00 Fill up Chicken Breast!

The Fill up Chicken Breast come with an 8 oz. chicken breast, larger mashed potatoes, biscuit, medium drink and a chocolate chip cookie.

We have multiple locations to serve you! 

Siouxland Locations

1500 Hamilton Blvd - Sioux City (712)258-3575

4301 Gordon Drive - Sioux City (712)252-3801

3001 Singing Hills Blvd - Sioux City (712)252-3377

1902 Cornhusker Drive - South Sioux City (402) 494-2276


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