Details for Open Position: Paint Line Associate

Position Title: Paint Line Associate

Position summary Performs industrial powder coat painting process by hanging and unloading production parts and partially assembled equipment on a conveyer in accordance to specifications.

Essential Functions:

• Loads small to medium parts from bins onto overhead conveyor system that carries them through the blaster, paint booth and oven area.

• Hang large pieces of equipment with the help of a forklift and other team members.

• Removes painted parts and stacks parts on pallets or into bins; and large equipment is moved to the heavy assembly area.

• Inspects painted parts and equipment for smudges and unpainted areas.

• Conceal blemishes in products, such as nicks, and scratches using spray paint.

Other Responsibilities:

• Maintains clean and safe working environment

• Performs other duties as requested, directed or assigned.

Essential Skills

•Lifting capabilities – 75lbs; push pull 100lbs

Experience and Education: High School Diploma (or GED or High School Equivalence Certificate); One to two years of industrial painting or manufacturing experience.

1000 FIMCO Lane

North Sioux City, SD 57049



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