Just like the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine pioneered the first school of medical doctors in the United States in 1765, the Palmer College of Chiropractic was the first school for chiropractic physicians in the nation in 1895, and the University of Southern California was the first school for physical therapy in the country in 1947, Multicare Health Clinic became the first clinic in 1999 to bring all three professions under one roof in Siouxland.

Because Multicare offers so many professionals under one roof, patients no longer have to settle for just one option when they need pain relief. They can receive the service that works best for them.

Multicare has always been the tri-state region’s best choice for pain relief and keeps improving by adding services, showing that the clinic is once again leading the way for healthcare in Siouxland.

Whether you are consulting Multicare to figure out why you are in pain, trying to stay out of pain or trying to achieve optimal performance, you will find that Multicare is better equipped than ever to meet your needs.

How Multicare Finds the Source of Your Pain

Using a team of many doctors to treat the root cause of an individual’s pain was Multicare’s first major objective for coming together. With typical treatment methods, a medical doctor would give you one cause for being in pain, and the chiropractor would say something a little different. At Multicare, by the time you leave from your examination, everyone is on the same page about what is wrong, the type of treatment that would help stop the pain and, most importantly, how to keep it away.

To aid their skilled doctors in the examination process, Multicare has continually invested in multiple state-of-the-art health screening tools.

If a patient comes to Multicare with mid back pain, it could be caused by a rib being misaligned, kidney stones, the gall bladder, a strained muscle, or even just gas pains. That’s where Multicare's first soft tissue assessment tool can be so helpful. Along with your examination, it differentiates among the pain types by objectively measuring how much swelling is in the area, any pinched nerve or organ dysfunction present, or even how tight the muscles are around this area. With this information, it  pinpoints the exact cause of the pain. You see, Multicare doesn’t want to just fix the pain; they want to fix what is causing the pain. With their medical doctors, Multicare can offer more immediate pain relief if the corrective care takes more than just that one visit.

Multicare also uses motion X-rays that can show your joints in action. Your hand, for example, has 26 bones that all have to work like a big puzzle piece for everything to function and feel right. If any one of these bones is positioned or moving improperly, it results in dysfunction such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. You can even see and document injuries caused by car accidents by looking at the results of stretched ligaments you ordinarily would be unable to see with non-moving X-rays.

If you are having trouble with pain from just standing, walking or sitting at your desk, Multicare’s Digital Posture Analysis can provide insight into the subtle alignment changes that could be causing pain. For example, if your son or daughter is constantly slumping at the dinner table with rounded shoulders from a heavy backpack each and every day, our digital posture analysis shows us which areas need to be treated to help restore good posture.

For those having trouble with balance, Multicare’s clinical test for sensory integration of balance (CTSIB) grades all four of the factors that contribute to your balance and compares them to someone your same age, weight, sex and height. Then Multicare pinpoints areas of weakness in your balance to establish protocols to train it for fall prevention.

The last assessment tool that Multicare uses to determine the cause of pain is Digital Foot Pain Analysis. If you know someone with foot pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions or heel spurs, this next one is for you. By standing on a pressure sensitive glass and digitally scanning your arch height accurate to 3 microns (a width of one hair) they can now produce a 3D image of your foot to determine which one of the three arches of your feet needs to be corrected to restore your foot back to normal. It also shows where the most amount of weight bearing is upon your foot to offer interpretation and treatment necessity.

How Multicare Keeps You Free Of Pain

Getting free of pain is one thing, but staying free of pain and in good health can be the fun and easy part. Muscle testing to the pound, and range of motion testing to the degree, is often used by companies we provide business health services for. Having workers obtain an AMA approved post-offer examination to pick up on any areas of risk for potential injury is vital to saving them money on workers compensation claims that could occur from potentially putting workers in a job they would be unable to handle. It's crucial for employers to have these “normal” benchmark values if their employee is ever injured and they are trying to return them back to “normal.”

Functional Movement Screenings can also be used at Multicare as a ranking and grading system for employees or athletes. They document movement patterns that are key to normal function. By having a person go through a series of movements, Multicare’s training team can identify his/her limitations and asymmetries in any area of the body. These are issues that can reduce any problems an individual may have from working, training or even just playing.

How Multicare Ensures Optimal Performance

Your very own Sioux City Explorers and Sioux City Musketeers have asked Multicare to be a part of their exclusive treating physicians. The reason for this is not only Multicare’s unique ability of providing immediate pain relief and correction, but also their ability to offer optimal performance programs and monitoring of their athletes.

If you are an athlete looking for a competitive edge for performance, a Balance Performance Index can be used. This balance-training tool creates a “balance workout” upon a variable electronic stability platform with live feedback.

Multicare offers concussion management for their athletes to unravel the mystery of concussion and to bring together best practices combining cognitive testing and a graded symptoms checklist with a balance assessment.

As nutrition, exercise and stretching instruction are vital for physical health and performance, Multicare is well aware that our mental health and performance are equally important.

Multicare is now offering both physical AND mental health services by teaming up with Dr. Raul Sanchez, a psychologist. Sanchez works with the professional athletes of the Musketeers and Explorers as well as the young athletes. Keeping them at the top of their game, he is skilled at refining their mental acuity and focus during play.

Even Multicare’s basic Athletic Pre-Participation Sports Physicals are above and beyond what is normally encountered. They offer all athletes the option of a complimentary in-house portable electrocardiogram (ECG). This screens for any cardiac issues by measuring the basic pattern of electrical activity of the heart. Percentage of height and weight calculation is also provided as well as a height estimator upon request.

Above are just some of the main reasons that multiple collegiate and high school teams and area businesses have chosen to work with Multicare to treat their teams and give them a winning edge.

As you can see, whether you want to find the cause of your pain, try to stay free of pain, or want to remain at the top of your game, Multicare’s team of Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Masseuses and Athletic Trainers can help.

During the entire month of June, Multicare Health Clinic is offering a No Obligation Consultation to see if they can help you. Located across from Jensen Imports at 3930 Stadium Drive in Sioux City, Multicare is the place to call today for relief tomorrow. 712-276-4325(HEAL).


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