I'm tired and I didn't even dance.

But the three couples who strutted their stuff at the Marina Center Saturday afternoon must have lost more body fat than even the nurses at one of the booths could calculate.

Sponsored by St. Luke's Regional Medical Center, the Day of Dance highlighted all forms of movement, offering showcases of line dancing, exotic dancing, competition dancing -- and those Siouxland Stars.

The finale -- always a high point in the area -- brought three very good teams into the spotlight. As one of the judges, I had a great vantage point to see just how talented Siouxlanders are.

The contestants:

Lillyan Rodriguez (from the Sioux City Convention Center) and Chopper Scott (from Z-98) kicked things off with a retro look at '70s disco. Both wore oh-so-high heels and Chopper even did splits (which would have had me calling for the paramedics, but there you go). They were great openers, putting the crowd in the proper mood.

Then Jessica Cihacek (weekend anchor at KCAU) and Richard Ayi (executive dean at St. Luke's College) pumped things up with a routine that include ballet, ballroom and Broadway. Cihacek really knew how to work the crowd (in an old-school Madonna outfit). She kicked higher than anyone I've seen and twirled on one foot while Ayi had the moves like Jagger. Even his wife, Dr. Bertha Ayi, got into the act. Pretty good right?

Well, they tossed the ball to Spetlar Tonga (from the Sioux City Bandits) and Christie Finnegan (director of marketing and public relations at St. Luke's), who more than ran with it. Because Tonga is so strong, he was able to flip Finnegan like the blades on a helicopter. The two never stopped moving and wowed with tricks that bounced off her glittery red lips and his glittery red shoes.

All three teams could have won but Tonga and Finnegan scored the touchdown. They were awesome -- just what a great day of dance called for.

And, even better? If you hit the booths ringing the center, you got to check everything from lung capacity (which was great for me -- someone with a lot of hot air) to body fat (don't ask).

The event is a highlight of the year and, as I always say, the Dancing with the Siouxland Stars needs to be showcased on a big stage. I'm holding out for the Orpheum Theatre someday where a whole bunch of people could compete. So, the ball's in your court.

Now start practicing.