LOS ANGELES | If you want to break into show business, get a camera, make a video and post it to YouTube.

If you’re a hit like Michael Kittrell – the Angry Ginger – you might just make enough money to move to Beverly Hills.

That’s what happened to the Georgia native and his family.

“I was making between $5,000 and $7,000 a month off my videos,” Kittrell said (“a lot of money,” according to his grandmother Delores Hughes). So family members, you might say, loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.

Along the way, they attracted the attention of ReelzChannel, and landed a reality series, “Hollywood Hillbillies.”

The reality sitcom (as it’s called) follows Delores, her daughter Dee Dee Peters, son John Cox and Kittrell as they experience Hollywood’s finer things. Currently, Kittrell says, they’re looking for a place to live.

“Country has come to town and we are two tons of fun,” Peters told reporters Sunday.

“One and a half tons of fun. Speak for yourself,” added Hughes.

The family enjoys eating at Beverly Hills restaurants but the prices are high. “Did you know a hamburger, French fries and a Coke is $27 and 50 damn cents?” Hughes asked. In a hotel, she picked up a jar of peanuts from the mini-bar “and they charged me $10 for it. And I called down to tell them I wanted it taken off because all I did was pick the damn thing up.” Moral of the story: “Don’t eat anything in your room unless you’re willing to pay for it.”

Like an older Honey Boo Boo and his family, Kittrell get to show how “plain folk” might react to luxuries.

Although he tries to play the innocent card, Kittrell is tech savvy (“he’s got ‘i’ everything – iPhone, iPad,” Peters said) and knew how to move from kid with a camera (thanks to grandma) to program content provider.

His “Angry Ginger” videos attracted millions of viewers, then advertisers, which led to the cash flow.

“You could do it, too,” he told me later in the day. “Just get started.”

His rants, however, have the kind of train-wreck possibilities that people can’t stop watching. To prove as much, he launched into one quickly, then smiled. “I’m like the tiger on my shirt,” he said. “Nice on one side and mean on the other.” He turned around and the image was growling.

“But mostly nice.”

Now, he’s on the cusp of becoming a TV star.

And Peters? She could be the next Mama June. Armed with plenty of catchphrases and a willingness to talk about anyone, she seems too good to be real.

About Honey Boo Boo? “She needs to be spanked,” she said. “If I would be acting like that we would be buried in the backyard.”

“Hollywood Hillbillies” is currently filming and will air in the next year on REELZ.