Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas moved up Monday.

Heidi Gutman

Two truths from Monday’s “Dancing with the Stars”:

1. Lindsey Stirling is becoming a real threat to Jordan Fisher.

2. Judges must have comments scripted for them – otherwise why would guest judge Shania Twain be so bad at spitting them out?

On what they called “a night at the movies,” Stirling got a perfect score and showed she’s just as good at coming through in the end as Fisher. She did a sci-fi number that didn’t have any flaws. Fisher came close – he got a 39, less than perfect largely because he did some stupid hand move during his rumba. He also admitted he’s a perfectionist and, at 23, has physical restraints from a few years in gymnastics. So there’s a crack in his near-perfect armor.

Nick Lachey, who didn’t exactly wow the crowd with his samba, was ousted – just in time for a Christmas tour with his group 98 Degrees. Wife Vanessa, meanwhile, found her footing with Maks Chmerkovskiy (after rumors that they were feuding) and got a 36 for their quickstep.


Goodbye, Nick Lachey and Peta Mugatroyd on "Dancing with the Stars."

Because so many of the dances had huge casts (lots of work for the back-up dancers this week), it wasn’t easy to see who was screwing up on what. Drew Scott tried to use his karate skills in an action/adventure paso doble, but had enough bad kicks to reveal he’s in trouble. Next to Nick Lachey, he was the worst.

Terrell Owens did better than you’d think and got a 37 for his jive. He moved up in the ranks. Victoria Arlen showed some slippage and matched Frankie Muniz with a 31.

Nikki Bella stayed in the middle with a 36, even though she had this long, involved opening package that talked about fighting, therapy and control. She looked great (and fiancé John Cena was in the audience).

Movie night should have been more mesmerizing than it was. The dances didn’t equal the scores; the costumes were flashier than the stars.

And then, there was Twain, who sang a song from an upcoming movie and sat in on the judge’s desk. She was OK with repetitive lyrics but pretty bad at judging. She took forever to articulate her thoughts, dropping in phrases that someone must have slipped her earlier in the day. She looked great, but couldn’t talk dancing to save her life. The others weren’t much better. They grasped for catchphrases and tried to act like they were witnessing greatness. They weren’t.



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