Shawn Johnson finally achieved perfection in the "Dancing with the Stars" all-star competition. But it wasn't with partner Derek Hough.

Because the pro had a neck injury, he had to cede his spot to good friend Mark Ballas (who danced with Johnson when she won the contest). They got a perfect 30 for their fusion and deservedly so.

Johnson is growing into a confident, sexy dancer who could extend her performing years as a dancer on Broadway. She's that good.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani did well, too, even though they had to invoke a few vote-getting techniques to win audience sympathy (his wife is back home on the East Coast where a certain hurricane struck).

Apolo Ohno borrowed a page from Maks Chmerkovskiy's playbook. For the first time in his "DWTS" history he took off his shirt and scored well in the night's opener. (Still, his marathon dance numbers pushed him down the ladder.)

Even though this week's dances won't result in elimination (there's a little thing called the election that'll pre-empt a second night), it's pretty clear Kirstie Alley is going to be one of the two headed home next week. She's out of her league in this field but she still has the "personality" card that she's playing like an ace in a game of 21.

Gilles Marini, while not perfect, was fine and should have some longevity. But, strangely, Emmitt Smith seemed a little sluggish.

Kelly Monaco is trying to play the romance card (something both Cheryl Burke and Maks have used before) and Melissa Rycroft is rocking the stamina card. She won the dance marathon portion with some great last-minute moves.

Interestingly, Apolo was near the bottom Monday after the marathon numbers were factored in. He shouldn't be that low at this point but he could be in the bottom two, depending on next week's outcome.

Shawn, Gilles and Melissa are tops but all that could change when the next week's dances are tallied. Kirstie is an obvious oust but Emmitt or Apolo could be joining her.

And what else did we learn this week? Utah, apparently, is a hotbed of dance (Mitt Romney, pay attention). Both Derek and Mark teach there. And the future stars of the ballroom number featured a hefty dose of Utah steppers.

Shawn Johnson continued her march to a second mirror ball but you never know. The screwy way the judging goes, she could be in the bottom two next week.

For now, revel in her excellence.