SIOUX CENTER | Dordt College unveiled its new athletic logo Friday, a move that could be the first step toward also adding a mascot.

Sonya Jongsma Knauss, the college’s director of marketing and public relations, said Friday’s unveiling ceremony marks the first time Dordt has had separate logos for athletics and academics.

The Christian college already has a separate academic logo, which previously doubled as an athletic logo.

“Often those are two separate logos,” Jongsma Knauss said. “The athletic logo is supposed to bring more excitement and more energy.”

The academic logo features the college’s initials with a cross. The athletic logo features a kneeling knight with a sword in hand.

The college will start phasing in the new logo as it replaces old equipment and uniforms.

The college currently doesn’t have a Defenders mascot, but the new logo could be a step in that direction too, Jongsma Knauss said.

“We have gotten some estimates from companies,” Jongsma Knauss said. “We would use it at pep rallies and athletic events to lead the audience in cheering.”

The college’s graphic designer, Jamin Ver Velde, said he wanted to keep Dordt’s Christian faith tied into the athletic logo.

Ver Velde estimated that he spent nearly 200 hours researching, designing and conducting interviews for the logo.

Logo themes include:

• Respect: The servant acknowledges with a kneeling posture that he or she is serving someone greater.

• Readiness: The sword is in hand and the armor still adorned. The defender needs to be ready to rise up for the next challenge or opportunity.

• Defenders: The name chosen to symbolize that the students, alumni, faculty and staff are defenders of the Christian faith.