REVIEW: ‘Youth of a Nation’ was all a ‘Riot’ at the Tyson

REVIEW: ‘Youth of a Nation’ was all a ‘Riot’ at the Tyson

Shinedown performs at Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa on Thursday, March 28, 2013. (Dawn J. Sagert, Sioux City Journal)

SIOUX CITY | It was on waves of limbs, sound and fire that last night’s concert rode hard at the Tyson Events Center. Beginning with P.O.D. moving to Three Days Grace and ending with Shinedown, the well-orchestrated alt-rock show consoled spirits and tried its best to blow out ear drums. The sea of standing fans engulfed the entire bottom of the Center and swallowed up everything the bands were putting down.

P.O.D. (Payable On Death) kicked off the evening with crunchy guitars riffs and inspiring lyrics (which, except for melodic choruses were hard to understand). The pseudo-Christian band laid down the foundation of energy that continued to build throughout the evening. Lead singer Sonny Sandoval moved lithely around the stage pulling the audience in brilliantly. Of course, the two big hits “Youth of a Nation” and “Alive” ended the ravenous set. The group gave it 35 minutes, a short cover of Sublime’s “What I Got” and then quickly peaced out.

It must be noted the set was gigantic. Huge backdrop, multiple levels, lights, speakers and yes, bouncers, everywhere. And it was with the entrance of Three Days Grace that pyrotechnics were introduced. As the first round of fire unloaded upward, the heat in the room spiked.

For anyone who’s actually listened to Three Day Grace’s lyrics, they are pretty emotional. But the live set proved the band was so much more. Matt Walst had the unenviable job of stepping up and taking the regular lead singer, Adam Gontier’s, spot. But he was more than up to the challenge. Running around the stage with the energy of a 2-year-old, Walst tore the old standards “Just Like You,” “Pain” and the power ballad “I Hate Everything About You,” to pieces. When the final notes of “Riot” rang out, no one in the building wanted the five-piece to leave, but the show had to go on.

The explosions were nowhere near from being over. Shinedown saw to that. The four-piece group began as a two-man act with just the drummer and guitarist, soon met with the lead singer and bass player. This led to many interesting combinations in the set. First there was the rockabilly look -- vests and suit jackets paired with tennis shoes and dreadlocks. Then there was the fact the band implemented more screaming than the bands that came before it, but also used more vocal harmonies. There were earth-shattering fireworks but also acoustic guitar and keyboard. On top of that, lead singer Brent Smith could sing extremely well -- all while working the room like a ring leader.

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Concert review: Zombie and Megadeth sound reverberates through Tyson

Concert review: Zombie and Megadeth sound reverberates through Tyson

Rob Zombie performs at the Tyson Events Center in May 2012. Zombie scheduled to play the venue in November. 

There are certain things one expects when attending a Rob Zombie concert.

Hair-raising theatrics, insane guitar riffs and topless women. Last night’s show at the Tyson Events Center touted all that plus Megadeth.

Exactly as it was in the days of the gladiators, the crowd ruled the show. But instead of screaming for more blood they were screaming to be rocked harder – by vicious beats and guitar solos, that is. Beers and rock-sign hands aloft, the minions head-banged and swayed to the rhythms played for them. Yet, the mosh pit never got too crazy (probably having to do with the shoulder-to-shoulder line of bouncers standing in front of the stage).

From the get-go, Megadeth’s set was in overdrive. To see them moving around the stage one would have no idea how old they really are. All that can be said is thank goodness singer Dave Mustaine was unceremoniously booted out of Metallica all those years ago. Otherwise he never would have wanted to get revenge by forming his own band and Megadeth would never have been created.

One of the founders of thrash rock, the group brought all that that genre entails and more to their show last night – including lead guitarist Chris Broderick’s ever-cascading head-banging hair, which was trance-like to watch. Combining classics and new songs on the set list, highlights included the truly melodic “Sweating Bullets,” and “Symphony of Destruction” along with “Who’s Life is it Anyway?” and alien-friendly “Hangar 18.”

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Heard Mentality: YouTube re-birthed the video star

Heard Mentality: YouTube re-birthed the video star

In this screen shot of a music video directed by Matt Clark, musicians Travis Barnes and friends play on.

While the Weekender talks a lot the deeds and doings of local musicians, we don't focus a whole lot on talent of other types in the music scene. Meet Matt Clark.

Just because MTV stopped showing music videos doesn't mean the art form is totally dead.

Sioux City filmmaker Matt Clark, who makes local commercials at KTIV for his day job, is just one of the many keeping the music video alive. In the past he's worked with multiple Siouxland musicians but most recently he collaborated with Travis Barnes (who has since moved to Nashville) to create a couple of videos.

The last one made, "Last Letter," was filmed the week Barnes was supposed to be packing to move south. Out for one final hoorah of sorts, Clark captured an intimate performance with Barnes and friends.

"With Travis' videos he knew a lot of what he wanted from the beginning so it was easier on me," Clark recalled. "But ‘Last Letter' took longer than most -- we shot for four hours."

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Heard Mentality: Weekend of live music at The Chesterfield

Heard Mentality: Weekend of live music at The Chesterfield

Sioux City band We All Live in Sod Houses played at The Chesterfield Friday, March, 2, 2012. Also performing were Sioux Falls bands: Wumpus, The Sewer Rats and The TinderBox.

Fans of folk and fans of hip-hop got an earful at The Chesterfield this past weekend.

Friday, local folk band, We All Live in Sod Houses headlined a show that included Sioux Falls bands: Wumpus, The Sewer Rats and The TinderBox.

The crowd seemed to appreciate the evening's low key feel, several danced - more as the night progressed, and Sod Houses closed the night with an awesome show.

Fast forward to Saturday night.

Chairs and tables were removed to make room for the throng of sweaty people squished together to scream for Minneapolis based hip-hop artist Prof. He had the fans hanging on his every word. Near the end of the show he ended up throwing water on the near boiling point crowd. Also performing that evening were Lazer Rocket Arm, Midwest Blessed and DJ AdApt. 

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Heard Mentality: Two new music videos from local singer-songwriters

Not to go all MTV, but here are a couple of awesome new music videos. Travis Barnes and Mat D, two local singer-songwriters well known for their musical talents, have both recently released new music videos. The new track from Barnes is "Time Traveling" and was directed by Matt Clark. While Mat D's "Ford Marriage" (which is from his album "Plank Road Drag") was directed by Sam Burrish. We can expect a new album from Mat. D and his crew the Profane Saints sometime this year. On the other hand, Travis Barnes Band will be playing its last show (for a while) at the Chesterfield Friday.

Enjoy the new, local cinema.

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REVIEW: Church of T-Pain revives at Snowstorm Music Tour

REVIEW: Church of T-Pain revives at Snowstorm Music Tour

T-Pain, the Gym Class Heroes and others performed Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012, at the Tyson Events Center for the Snowstorm Music Tour for a crowd of about 3,000. (Journal photos by Laura Wehde)

Even if it was at the Tyson Event Center, Sunday night, Sioux City music fans worshiped at the house of Pain. T-Pain, that is. Accompanied by Gym Class Heroes, the Snowstorm Music Tour acts taught its members about love, peace, acceptance and being unafraid to follow their dreams.

Four groups in, New York rap/rockers Gym Class Heroes finally hit the stage. The young people who made up the crowd on the floor, most of whom were wearing nothing more than napkin-sized pieces of clothing, lapped up the sound as the strobe lights pounded them into submission.

Frontman Travie McCoy was right out front from the beginning, trying to get as close as possible to the crowd as he could - even stealing an audience member's hat for a quick second before tossing it back. His style of rap, less gangsta and more reggae/sing-songy, allowed for full understanding of the lyrics.

Going through all of its hits, the band played the all important "Cupid's Chokehold," "Heart's a Stereo" and the recent chart-topper "Ass Back Home." Also well received was McCoy's solo single, "Billionaire," that the crowd was more than happy to sing every word right along with - in all of its profane glory.

In between the tunes was when wisdom was imparted on the flock.

February 12, 2012 11:28 pm Photos


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Dear Sioux City music venue promoters,

Dear Sioux City music venue promoters,

Lady Gaga.


It's that time of year again when we at the Weekender gently suggest to you the musicians who should be on your radar -- the artists who should be coming through Sioux City. Note you will not find any country acts on this list. Also, if there are any overlaps from last year we apologize, but it just means the artist/band is still incredible enough to be considered for your fine venue. All of these acts would work well on a larger and smaller stage equally. We don't care where they perform, just as long as they come to visit.

Andrew Bird -

The man lent his mad whistling skills to "The Muppets" soundtrack (in the scene when Walter finally gives his performance). He also plays the fiddle and xylophone on stage while singing - spiced with bits of whistling every now and then. Bird has played at venues close to Siouxland so we feel he's ready to come here too.

Lady Gaga -

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Los Angeles musicians land in Sioux City Friday

Los Angeles musicians land in Sioux City Friday

L.A.-based band Burn Halo rolls to the Chesterfield Friday night headlining the metal show.

While Iowa's chilly wintery weather may be a foreign concept to those from Southern California, two Los Angeles-based groups consider traveling to Sioux City to share music well worth bearing the cold. Singer-songwriter Hana Pestle and metal band Burn Halo will both perform Friday night, Pestle at Morningside College and Burn Halo at the Chesterfield, respectively. For both groups this will be their first performance in Sioux City.


She's got the drive to succeed

Hana Pestle isn't afraid to drive alone. In fact, for many of her college concert tour dates, she vrooms from state to state very much by herself.

"I travel around in a big van -- sometimes for two months," Pestle explained in a phone interview. "But sometimes I'll have my best friend or boyfriend with me too. While it is grueling, it's all so worth it and I love it; I've always loved road trips."

January 19, 2012 12:00 am Photos


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Music Hall of Fame inductees announced

Music Hall of Fame inductees announced

Guns N' Roses, shown here in 1992, were recently selected to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame 2012 inductees

These musicians beat out seven others on the list of nominations that was released in September and will be officially inducted come April at a ceremony in Cleveland. All bands will play at the event. However, it will be most interesting to see if the highly dramatic Guns N' Roses members can get over themselves to play together for it least one song on stage. In an interview with the Weekender last October, LA Guns member and GN'R co-founder Tracii Guns said of making music with Axl again that he was a bit weary.

"I could see a conversation where we decided to do a little show and not tell anybody," Guns admitted. "I see that much more than being in the studio. I'm not interested in that. But if Guns N' Roses gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, then I guess we'll play on stage together then."

Now that they have made the cut they'll just have to suck it up for one night only.

2012 inductees

January 19, 2012 12:00 am Photos


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Top events this year at Tyson, Orpheum

The Orpheum Theatre this week released the Top 11 events held at the venue in 2011, based on a mix of ticket sales, attendance, and importance. Why 11 you might ask? In a year that encompassed the date 11/11/11 we feel it is appropriate to pay homage to the great Nigel Tufnel of the band Spinal Tap who said "why just turn it up to 10 when you can turn it to 11."

1. Mapleton High School Play (after they were displaced due to the tornado in Mapleton)

2. Sheryl Crow concert

3. Darius Rucker concert

4. Guy Fieri show

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