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Woodbury County Board Chairman Larry Clausen, shown at a April 2013 meeting, will exit the board this month after 34 years.

Tim Hynds, Sioux City Journal file

The Woodbury County Board for the last many years has selected chairmen to lead one year at a time. One of the five board members gets tapped each January, then steps aside after 12 months.

A chairmanship of two years in a row just doesn't happen.

That practice will undoubtedly continue in 2014, the current chairman Larry Clausen, of Sioux City, told the Journal.

"Changing is a good idea," Clausen contended, since the job is a lot of work.

The choice is apparently made after a series of talks prior to the annual reorganization meeting. Typically, when the subject comes up on the agenda, a board member will quickly nominate a person, then the vote occurs a few seconds later. Some would call it a backroom deal.

The County Board will pick a new chairman on Jan. 2.  So, who will it be? Clausen said he won't be the chairman, and acknowledged that David Tripp, who is fighting a charge of alleged domestic assault, wouldn't be in the mix.

That leaves three options -- Mark Monson, of Sergeant Bluff, and George Boykin and Jackie Smith, both of Sioux City. Clausen knows the member he'll back, but wouldn't share it publicly.

The chairmanships are essentially swapped around, rotated, so to speak. Clausen held the post in 2009, Boykin had it in 2010, Monson in 2011 and Smith in 2012. That rotation seems to indicate it is Boykin's turn.

So that's the guess from this blog writer. Monson seems to have rattled a few cages recently too, so he's not likely to get the call.


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