Friday marks two weeks that Republican Donald Trump has served as the 45th U.S. president. Trump's early days have been raptly watched to see how he would perform in transitioning into the White House, in moving to implement policies that advance his principles.

At the one-week mark, Trump temporarily blocked all citizens of seven Muslim countries and all refugees worldwide from entering the U.S. That created backlogs at airports and prompted demonstrations.

A few days later, Trump put forth his pick to fill a yearlong U.S. Supreme Court vacancy. Aditionally, he signed 18 executive orders and memos in the first 12 days through the end of January.

The executive orders kept coming, including one Friday morning, where Trump directed the Treasury Department secretary to review the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial overhaul. Trump said he expects "to be cutting a lot out of Dodd-Frank," the regulations placed in response to the Great Recession.

Siouxland political party leaders weighed in on Trump's first two weeks. Sioux County Republican Party Chairman Mark Lundberg said Trump has performed very well as president. It was the most recent Trump action that most pleased Lundberg.

"My new best Trump result to date -- this morning bouncing Dodd-Frank to the trash can will be very helpful to releasing credit to many businesses and consumers," he said.

Lundberg said he also likes Trump's picks for cabinet positions and his tapping of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

"Starting the reversal of nearly all of the Obama administration executive orders, that were placed without the needed legislative approval, is also good to observe. Have Congress pass laws, instead of the president making his own," Lundberg said.

Lundberg said Trump is following through with campaign promises.

"I am impressed how quickly he has hit the ground running and it will be interesting to watch. Things will not slow up for some time. So much needs to be done to fix eight years of bad governance," Lundberg said.

Woodbury County Democratic Party Chairwoman Penny Rosfjord had a dim view of Trump's first two weeks.

"There has been nothing that I've liked. I've seen nothing positive so far out of this...This is really a reckless time," Rosfjord said.

Rosfjord took exception with Trump's use of executive orders to make changes.

"They are just practically flying off his desk," Rosfjord said.

She said Democratic former President Barack Obama took flak from Republicans for his use of executive orders, yet "everything (Trump) has done is an executive order." Rosfjord said that likely is happening because Trump has never served as a lawmaker and is avoiding the tough tasks of helping move bills into federal law.

Rosfjord also took exception with Trump's tenor in leading as president.

"This tone has been one of the things that I really don't like. The refugee ban is disrespectful to me. It is just wrong," Rosfjord said.

Lundberg said he would advise Trump to have better carried out the blocking of people from predominantly Muslim nations.

"His announcement of the delay in allowing immigration from unsecure countries could have been handled better, with making sure that accurate information could have been released, instead of issuing the order and watching the false reporting of what the order actually does," Lundberg said.


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