With the entry of a second Democrat seeking a Woodbury County Board of Supervisors seat this week, there will be at least one primary race for the four county elective office positions in 2014. That means the June 3 primary just got a bit more interesting, as heretofore the only race on the county ballot involved the battle for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate seat.

John DiBerardino, an electrician from Sioux City, became the second Democratic candidate in the County Board District 4 race. Alex Watters, an administrator at Morningside College, earlier announced his candidacy.

I'm always intrigued by the reasons voters use to pick among candidates in a primary, especially a local contest where there aren't well-known people. In this case, there is sort of a generational option, as Watters is 27 and DiBerardino is 50. They both are seeking elective office for the first time.

DiBerardino and Watters don't know each other. DiBerardino said he isn't about to be critical of Watters.

"I just feel I could be the better man," DiBerardino said.

Said Watters, "I'm running on a fresh perspective."

The fact that he has a primary opponent, Watters said, "means that you've got to step up your efforts sooner than the general election."

Watters expects the Woodbury County Democratic Party leadership will stay neutral ahead of the primary. That's what usually happens.

The winner of the Democratic District 4 primary will advance to the November ballot. So far the only Republican candidate is David Tripp, the current District 4 board member.

There is still time for more candidates to file, as the county candidate deadline is Wednesday.


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