Here's a nugget related to the 2012" target="_blank">Iowa 4th congressional district race, where in a newly drawn district U.S. Rep. Steve King of Kiron is opposed by Democrat Christie Vilsack. Public Policy Polling released a gauge on the race," target="_blank">Politico reported this morning:

"Forty eight percent say Rep. Steve King deserves reelection, his approval rating is 42 percent. King leads Democrat Christie Vilsack 49 percent to 43 percent. She leads among independents, 48 percent to 37 percent."

Those numbers show a race closer than I'd have guessed, and Vilsack has to be pleased with the poll results regarding independents. Still, a lot of factors will have to break her way for Vilsack to oust King November, including whether Iowans have a positive view of President Barack Obama by that time.

King will be releasing his fundraising report in the next few days, but in the first eight months of her campaign former Iowa first lady" target="_blank">Vilsack nabbed $1.1 million in campaign funds.