The 2012 Iowa 4th congressional district contest is engaged much sooner,  with more money and earlier ads, than any prior congressional contest in which U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, has sought re-election. This year, King is vying with Democrat Christie Vilsack, a former Iowa first lady, and each had raised more than $1 million in the last campaign finance reporting period.

And they are spending that money.

The last two Wednesdays have been days in which each candidate released a first ad of the race. On June 13 Vilsack was first out with her ad, then King followed today. Television ads, of course, will follow.

Vilsack's ad is entitled "Iowa Way," with the text as follows:

"Here in Iowa, we’re guided by our values. Hard work. Service. Responsibility.

But after ten years in Washington, our Congressman, Steve King, has lost touch with those values.

When Congress voted on giving a fifteen hundred dollar bonus to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Steve King cast the deciding vote against it.

But when it came to his own income, King went a different way – taking a pay raise five times, boosting his salary to a hundred seventy-four thousand.

The Register reports that King says he deserved a raise. He said, quote: 'If nobody has enough nerve to vote for a pay raise, we would still be making what the first Congress is making.'

He said no to a bonus for our troops, but yes to pay raises for himself. That’s the way Washington works. But it’s not the Iowa way.

Read the facts at"

King's radio ad is titled "Land," and he also has a YouTube web video with some pictures to go along with the voiceover: 

"Steve King, always worked the land in Iowa.

Started his own business, with a barely breathing bulldozer he welded back together himself. Started early, worked late, succeeded.

Then Steve King went to work for us, in Congress. Tireless, smart as a tack and not remotely afraid to take on President Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Think Steve kind of enjoys it.

He is a champion for Iowa values all week, then comes home to ask us how he can do better.

His opponent, Christie Vilsack, won't reveal her position on hardly any issue, won't answer reporters questions, she just runs negative, dishonest ads that fact checks prove aren't true.

Steve King won't hide. He shoots straight. He's our congressman."


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