During U.S. Rep. Steve King's town hall meeting in Le Mars on Tuesday, Merrill, Iowa, resident Gordon Yoerger wanted to talk about how Chicago activist (or radical) Saul Alinsky has informed the politics of President Barack Obama. Yoerger asked if King had read a book by David Horowitz on the the rise of hate groups on college campuses, including those who are Muslims.

(I couldn't find which book Yoerger meant, because Horowitz has written a book roughly annually since the late 1990s and many of the titles could fit what Yoerger mentioned. Perhaps he meant "Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left" from 2004? Or "Indoctrination U:The Left's War Against Academic Freedom" from 2007?)

King said he wasn't sure if he had read the Horowitz book, but likes his conservative views. King said he had recently done a search of the word "multicultural" at the Iowa State University website. Five-term Republican King said 59 ISU campus groups popped up, for having a connection to multiculturalism.

"Most of them were victims groups, victimology," King said.

The congressman also said the groups seek to make a connection to impressionable freshman who arrive at campus, and can be persuaded to the stance the ISU groups espouse.

"Think of 59 tables set up," King said.

After the meeting I asked the congressman to go further, to lay out why he sees multiculturalism as flawed.

"I bring it up, because the irony was, it (the ISU list) was from A to Z. So, some place between A and Z, there is a victims group for you. If you have to walk the gauntlet of people recruiting you to be a victim, then your whole attitude about your life is going to be about a case of 'it is somebody else's fault if things don't go right,' " King said.

"Which, it should be about changing the attitude of people, so that they understand that they take personal responsibility -- here is your list of opportunities in America, not just that you just haven't found your victims group that you should join yet."

I asked again, so what is the problem with multiculturalism in society?

"It is the victimology that is the problem with it, that was defined as multiculturalism, but it is the victimology," he said.

"It is the grievance groups that used to leverage people politically. To drive a culture on grievance groups rather than an opportunity society, that is the difference between Democrats and Republicans."


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