125 Years Ago

City news: A large number of gasoline and gas lamps in the outskirts of Sioux City are not being lighted these nights because it is so muddy that the lighters cannot get through the streets to all of them. …A petition to pave Jackson street between Fifth and Eighth streets with bricks instead of with cedar block was referred to the city paving committee.

River rescue: Thomas Fraser fell from the Nebraska bank of the Missouri while waiting for a skiff to take him over and was carried a quarter of a mile down stream. He was drunk when he fell in, but when Ed Roswell pulled him into his boat, he was extremely sober.

Cake walk: At the Peavey Grand Opera House Friday evening, there will be a grand cake walk immediately after the performance of “Devil’s Mine.” It will be under the auspices of the African M. E. Church. There will be four prizes given. No extra charge to participate.

100 Years Ago

Military training: School Supt. M. G. Clark recommended to the school board that the high school boys should be taught military training minus uniforms and guns. Several board members disagreed, with G. R. Bliven declaring that military training without rifles and uniforms were like strawberry shortcake without the strawberries. No decision was reached.

Preacher warning: The Rev. G. O. Kidder in his sermon at Trimble Methodist Episcopal Church warned that playing cards in so-called Christian homes is responsible for the downfall of coeds. He rapped dances in the public schools, declaring many young people lost their virtue before leaving school as a result of the dances.

Liquor haul: Police reported that 240 bottles of beer and 14 half-pints of whiskey were seized in a raid on the new Mondamin Hotel, Third and Douglas streets. Ray Rustad, the proprietor, was charged with maintaining a nuisance, while two men were charged with disturbing the peace.

50 Years Ago

Outstanding unit: The Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, which parallels the Legion of Honor for an individual, will be presented to two air defense units at the Sioux City Air Base Friday. The awards will be presented to Headquarters, 30th Air Division, and the 4644 Support Squadron during a formal parade ceremony on the flight line.

In the news: James M. Searing, 319 Pelletier Drive, a senior at Central High School, has been appointed to attend the U.S. Naval Academy by U. S. Sen. Jack Miller. …Miss Careta Friend was installed as president of the Quota Club. …Newell F. Guernsey of Sioux City, widely known landscape architect, was awarded honorary membership by the Iowa Planning Association.

Safe found: A safe stolen from the Biltmore Dining Room two weeks ago was found by some boys Tuesday under a bridge on a blacktop road between Iowa 141 and the west edge of Bronson. The door of the safe had been torn off and the dial was punched. The burglars apparently dumped the safe from the bridge.

25 Years Ago

Surprising storm: Siouxlanders traded their Easter bonnets for hooded parkas after the area was buried under up to 10 inches of wet snow Tuesday accompanied by 50 mph winds. The snow caused many schools and businesses in Siouxland to shut down. Dozens of accidents were reported.

Bird watching: More than 100 cedar waxwings munch nonstop in a tall, gnarled crab apple tree outside Lincoln Elementary School. Teacher Karen Swanson has made a project each year for her third-fourth grade pupils to use the birds in assignments.The cedar waxwings have been feeding on this tree for years.

No minors: The City Council Monday agreed to end the practice of several bars having non-alcohol teen nights in their establishments. Siouxland CARES made the request to enforce the city ordinance prohibiting minor in bars. Police Chief Gary Maas said teen nights generate a number of police calls because some youths go out to their cars to drink and then return inside.

These items were published in The Journal April 16-22, 1892, 1917, 1967 and 1992.


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