This article appeared March 11, 1959 in the Sioux City Journal.

Sale of the Sioux City Brewing Co. to Kingsbury Breweries Co., Manitowoc and Sheboygan, Wis., was announced Wednesday by Joseph E. Miller of the Sioux City concern and O. H. ("King") Cole, president of Kingsbury.

Sale price was not announced.

At a recent meetings, members of the board of directors of Sioux City Brewing Co. resigned and a new board was named, headed by Mr. Cole, president. Other new officers are William H. Pauly, secretary, and Donald Pauly, treasurer, both of Manitowoc.

The present office and sales force as well as plant employees will be retained with additional personnel to be added as improvements are completed and stepped-up production gets under way, according to Mr. Cole.


For the present the company will continue to market the brands featured in the past by Sioux City Brewing Co.

Founded in 1847, Kingsbury Breweries Co., sales have more than doubled in the last five years, reaching a total sales of 248,472 barrels in 1958, said Mr. Cole.

The Wisconsin firm ranks fourth in sales among that state's 34 breweries.

"Kingsbury's phenomenal sales in recent years necessitates the plans for expansion," said Mr. Cole, adding that "the company was attracted to Sioux City because of its ideal location which will enable it to serve the areas now on Kingsbury's fringe market."


Mr. Cole stated that the Sioux City location had been under observation by Kingsbury Breweries Co. for some time.

"We are confident that the area will support an operation such as is planned," he said.

Steps contemplated by the new owners include addition of new equipment to increase production, complete renovation of celars, fermenting and storage tanks to be glass-lined and installation of additional equipment in the brew house as well as the bottle house, to provide production facilities for a minimum output of 150,000 barrels of beer annually.


"With the acquisition of the Sioux City Brewing Co., we expect to be able to extend out distribution in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and parts of Minnesota that we have not previously reached," said Mr. Cole.

The new president added that an aggressive promotional program will be undertaken during the summer months to support new distributors for Kingsbury in the areas mentioned.

"We firmly believe that the demand for Kingsbury will be sufficient in the new terrority to warrant doubling the present work force by the end of the summer season," said Mr. Cole.

In commenting on the sale of the brewery, Mr. Miller said that "Sioux City is fortunate in having the Kingsbury people acquire the Sioux City Brewing Co., as the firm is an aggressive and growing company and is bound to add considerable benefit to the local community through its increased purchase of supplies and needed personnel for its expanding operation."

The original Sioux City Brewing Co. plant at W. First and Isabella streets was built in 1907 and numerous additions and improvements constructed over the years.