There is a high likelihood that 2017 will go down as one of my personal favorite years in music.

I’ve previously written about some of my top albums of the year, but that list might be altered again come January if these stellar releases keep dropping.

In the last two months, several new projects have diverted my ears’ attention away from my previous top five so I want to share some of the releases that I’ve enjoyed with you, our wonderful readers!

*Songs contain NSFW lyrics, so headphones are recommended*

The Cools Kids “Special Edition Grandmaster”

Before streaming became the norm, burning and buying CDs was a typical part of teenage Ty’s life.

However, as access to high-speed internet became more common, streaming took off and one of the bands that took advantage of this new way to spread and promote music was The Cool Kids.

These guys are legendary in internet rap fandom and I proudly kept this group in my MySpace top 10 (for those of you who missed this particular time in social media history, this was a big deal).

I was glad to Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish come back together for this album after a few years of promoting their solo careers.

Favorite track:

Sam Smith “The Thrill of It All”

I’ve written countless articles while listening to Sam Smith’s stellar debut “In the Lonely Hour.”

This man’s vocal abilities are astounding and his songs take you places and I was thrilled — pun-intended — that he finally dropped a new project.

I still need to give it a few more listens before I can develop an opinion on it but I love what I’ve heard so far.

Favorite track:

Future/Young Thug “Super Slimy”

I’m a huge Future fan and Young Thug is an artist that I could take or leave. With that being said, this surprise collabo mixtape was an inspiring project and those two played off of each other incredibly well.

With the exception of that one project with the Canadian artist who shall not be named, I'm pretty much on board with any Future project and this is no exception.

Favorite track:

Big K.R.I.T. “4Eva Is a Mighty Long Time”

I consider K.R.I.T to be my favorite rapper so I am incredibly emotionally invested in his career and success.

This is his first album since leaving Def Jam Records — one of if not the top rap labels on the planet — and you can almost feel K.R.I.T’s liberation in this double-disc that surpasses his two previous mainstream projects.

One disc focuses on K.R.I.T’s trunk-rattling bombastic Southern playalistic style while the other disc is more personal, introspective and highlights his sensitive side.

This is definitely a Jekyll and Hyde type of album and each side can attract different listeners but together give you a magnificent complete project.

Favorite track:

21 Savage/Offset/Metro Boomin “Without Warning”

This super collage was another unexpected delight. 21 Savage has carved out a niche as an upcoming solo artist, Offset is one-third of Migos, arguably the biggest group in hip-hop right now, and Metro Boomin is one of the top producers in the game.

I’m fond of all of their previous accomplishments and this is a tape I didn’t know I needed. Plus, they have a track that uses Ric Flair in the hook and I’m a sucker for any rap song associated with wrestling.

Favorite track: 


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