On Saturday, multiple agencies teamed up to remove a vehicle that had plunged into the Missouri River last Monday that had three bodies inside. 

Police believe -- but have not confirmed -- the remains recovered were of Angelica Gonzales, 41, Salomon Medina, 51, and their daughter Vanessa Medina, 17. The three were reported missing after their vehicle was spotted going into the river Oct. 16.

Officials were concerned about dangerous water conditions throughout last week and waited until Saturday when the most resources were available and the safest plan was in place to recover the car.

The recovery drew more than 100 onlookers near the site of the former Argosy riverboat casino.     

Here is a Journal reporter's tweets while the mission unfolded:  

We are about to get a briefing on the dive operation that hopes to recover a car that went into the Missouri. Police believe 3 are inside pic.twitter.com/FTOYOToHd5

— Alex Boisjolie (@scjAlexB) October 21, 2017