If you were hyped to find out one of the coolest Spider-Man villains/anti-heroes was getting his own movie, you might want to ignore the "Venom" trailer just released by Sony this morning.

Nevertheless, I painstakingly watched the trailer for you and compiled a short list of pros and cons to take away from this yawn-inducing teaser. 

Here's what I've come up with: 

CON: Where is Venom??

Perhaps this first teaser is just meant to be seen as buildup, something that will spark a discussion surrounding “Venom,” some kind of deranged marketing ploy. Well, screw that! We want to see Venom! For crying out loud it’s the name of the flippin’ movie! Last time I checked, the movie wasn’t called “Eddie Brock.” Even just a tiny frame of Venom would have sufficed.

PRO: No sign of Topher Grace

To put it kindly, “Spider-Man 3” had its faults. One of which was the casting of Eric freakin’ Forman as Venom. Although the design and look of the villain was decent, there was no way to separate Topher Grace from the nerd he played on “That ‘70s Show.” To his credit, the other two villains in “Spider-Man 3” didn’t have that much going for them either. With a less distracting actor taking over the character of Eddie Brock/Venom, there’s a small ray of hope that Tom Hardy may indeed redeem the character’s badassness that was sorely missing from Sam Raimi’s final “Spider-Man” installment.

CON: It’s another generic trailer

I think by now we’re all desensitized by comic book films. We all kind of know what to expect that this point. “Venom” is a chance for filmmakers to show us just how different this film could be. Will we see Venom as an anti-hero-turned-villain or the other way around? Oh! Maybe we’ll see a red band trailer since early promotions hyped up its R rating? Nope and nope. I know it’s a teaser trailer, but we should at least get excited for something or given some semblance to a plot. Alas, we have been cheated.

PRO: Tom Hardy going mad

Throughout the trailer, we’re shown shots of Eddie Brock inside a science/medical facility. Towards the end, Hardy goes berserk and begins to scream. I assume this to be the “transformation” of Venom, the bonding of Eddie and the alien symbiote. If you look closely you can even see the veins of his neck turning black, Venom’s signature color. With the amount of attention this scene is getting in the trailer, it’s safe to assume this transformation or “origin” will be 10 times better than the one present in “Spider-Man 3.” Yes, I’m still griping on about that movie.

PRO/CON: The tone is spot on… sort of

Right from the start there’s this uncomfortable tone that’s set in the teaser. The dark score mixed with Hardy’s cryptic voiceover make for a wonderfully grave atmosphere. However, about halfway through the trailer my thoughts on that started to get muddled. And I think that’s partly due to the bland visuals. Apart from the actual symbiote being shown, we’re only given boring snippets of Hardy running in a forest and riding a motorcycle, some car crashes and what looks like Hardy using a force push on office workers… WHAT?! What is actually going on? Honestly, listening to the trailer has me more hyped than watching it. What does that tell you?


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