Before the Minnesota-based hip-hop artist Brother Ali takes his place on The Abe Stage at Saturday in the Park, it’s probably best for us all to get to know his music.

The rapper wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to spit a few rhymes embedded with socially conscious messages.

Here are a few of his more well-known tracks:

“Uncle Sam Goddamn”

This is the first song that introduced the world to Brother Ali. The music video attracted millions of views and featured a heavily blues-inspired beat. Although it helped kick off Brother Ali’s career, the song, which condemns past and current actions by the United States government, spurred some controversy when it was first released in 2007.

“Take Me Home”

This track from Brother Ali’s third studio album “Undisputed Truth” shows a much less political side of the Minneapolis rapper. “Take Me Home” delves into Brother Ali’s work ethic. He admits he doesn’t have a business mind, but he is still going to work hard and that his success hasn’t happened overnight.

“Never Learn”

This particular track comes from Brother Ali’s latest album “All the Beauty in This Whole Life.” The dream-like beat is accompanied by lyrics that delve into Brother Ali’s practicing of Islam and finding humbleness in the midst of success.

“Pen to Paper”

The opening track of his latest album tells you all you need to know about Brother Ali at this moment. He opens up about his religion, his personal life and his past struggles. He likens his mic to that of a rifle; he’s “honor bound” to fire his weapon truly.