The day before Halloween traditionally sends ghoulies and goblins of all ages into sugar shock as they daydream about their favorite All Hallow's Night sweet treats.

To ease you into a diabetic coma, we're proving you with the Top 3 most popular candies in the United States (courtesy of the Chicago-based Information Resources Incorporated (IRI), along with some fun facts associated with these Halloween mainstays.

1. M&M's

Revenue generated: $406.7 million

Unit sales: 417.7 million

There are currently 7 different M&M "spokescandies" featured in commercials for the "Melt in your Mouth/Not in your Hands" candies. The voices behind the animated edibles have included Academy Award-winning actor J.K. Simmons (Yellow M&M); "Arrested Development" actor David Cross (Caramel M&M) and actress/singer Vanessa Williams (Miss Brown M&M).

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Revenue generated: $398.9 million

Unit sales: 366.2 million

Gen Xers may remember Reese's longtime slogan as being "You got your peanut butter on my chocolate/ You got your chocolate on my peanut butter" featured in a long-running ad campaign in the 70s and 80s. This was replaced (in the 1990s) with "There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's). The current slogan (started in the mid 2000s) is simply "Perfect." 

3. Snickers

Revenue generated: $386.2 million

Unit sales: 405.3 million

Ever wonder where the name Snickers came from? According to legend, the caramel, peanut and nougat-filled chocolate bar was named after the favorite horse owned by the Mars family (the makers of Snickers). 

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