One of the things I enjoy most about working at the Journal is how big we are on delivering news digitally first and that our leadership encourages us to be active on social media.

While Facebook is the Alpha and Omega of social media, one of the best ways for us to quickly gather news and disseminate information to readers is through Twitter, which is like Facebook’s much cooler but less successful younger brother.

Most of the editorial staff here have adopted an SCJ handle on Twitter — it was painful for me to change my handle from @Rush1kc to @SCJTRush after seven years — and some of us tweet more than others, but for the most part we are all active users.

As one of the most frequent tweeters on staff, I took it upon myself to create a list of my favorite SCJ staff members Twitter accounts to follow.

In order to narrow it down to a Top 5 and two honorable mentions, I used this methodology to trim the list:

  • With the exception of our visuals editor, I didn’t include any editors in this ranking.
  • I didn’t include anyone from our sports department.
  • I didn’t include former staffers.
  • I didn’t include @SCJ, @Sux911 or any of our publication’s other Twitter accounts since this is about people.
  • I also disqualified accounts if I didn’t see enough non-work related tweets (Ian Richardson aka @SCJIanR please forgive me).

Now, I proudly present to you my totally biased and unscientific power ranking of the best Sioux City Journal related Twitter accounts to follow with some embedded sample tweets.

No. 1 - @SCJBretH

Five minutes of scrolling through Bret Hayworth’s tweets and you will instantly be caught up on the latest political issues ranging from county government to the national stage. Bret's also the guy that uses his page to encourage his 3,000 plus followers to follow new SCJ reporters. In addition to that, Bret has live tweeting down to a science, he dishes on pop culture and isn’t afraid to call out a competitor for plagiarizing his work:

No. 2 - @scjAlexB

Not only is Alex Boisjolie amazing at breaking crime news through Twitter, but he’s also hilarious. Mr. Pretty Tree (that’s what his last name translates to from French) has so much range on Twitter that he can post a video of a flaming boat rescue or a GIF and caption of Rihanna throwing money in someone’s face and both are equally captivating.

No. 3 - @SCJTRush

What kind of person would create a totally biased list and not include himself on it? By following me, you not only get tweets about area business matters, which is my beat, but you get my thoughts on nerd stuff, sports, sneakers, music, random observations, trending topics, A+ GIF and emoji usage and other cool sounding things.

Plus, look at this tweet and tell me your interest isn’t piqued:

No. 4 - @SCJNHytrek

Nick Hytrek is incredibly chill, knowledgeable, experienced and has a great sense of humor and all of those traits are on constant display through his Twitter feed. Nick can live tweet a murder trial or comment on happenings in the sports world with the same effortless demeanor.

No. 5 - @tfhphoto

Although Tim Hynds is too cool to have an SCJ handle like the rest of us, his tweets showcase his award-winning photography skills and his love of quality craft brews. What more do you need?

Honorable mentions:

If Chris Braunschweig (@SCJChrisB) and Justin Wan (@justin_wan) didn’t take the quality over quantity approach to tweeting, my top 5 list would have been even more difficult to compose.

So if you like local news and Twitter, I strongly suggest you follow all accounts mentioned.

Or, if you want to be uncool and not help us get our followers up, you can use this link to keep track of all our staff members tweets.


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