Trump Cinco De Mayo Taco Salad

SIOUX CITY | One year ago, Donald Trump was pleased to commemorate Cinco de Mayo, the May 5 celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.

Trump chose to send a tweet with a smiling photo of himself about to eat a taco salad bowl in his office at Trump Tower, with the phrase "I love Hispanics!"

The tweeted photo caused a furor, with people citing the president having a poor grasp of how to highlight Mexican culture. One day later, Trump in a "Fox & Friends" interview defended his tweet.

"As of yesterday, I had 59,000 re-tweets, 59,000 re-tweets in the short period of what — that's got to be some kind of a record," said Trump, who went on to win the presidency in November. "People loved it."

As of this writing, it is unknown if Trump will tweet anything about Cinco de Mayo this year.

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