'Star Wars' actor plans Sioux City stop

2010-06-11T00:00:00Z 'Star Wars' actor plans Sioux City stopBy Bruce R. Miller - bmiller@siouxcityjournal.com Sioux City Journal

Daniel Logan wasn't a big "Star Wars" fan before he was cast as Boba Fett in "Attack of the Clones."

But now, the 23-year-old says, he's so immersed in the world he'd jump at another chance to slip into the galaxy far, far away.

"It's amazing to be a part of something that so many people around the world love and enjoy," he says.

And, Saturday, Logan will meet more of those fans when he comes to Sioux City to sign autographs at Acme Comics and Collectibles.

Meeting fans, he says, is just one of the byproducts that comes with starring in a hit film franchise. When "Star Wars" creator George Lucas created "The Clone Wars," an animated spinoff, he asked Logan to voice Boba Fett -- one of few actors given the opportunity.

He jumped at it and now says he's more than willing to play the character in whatever future projects Lucas envisions.

Prior to his appearance in Sioux City, the native New Zealander answered a few questions about the mysterious bounty hunter, his acting career and the "Star Wars" legacy.

1. How much freedom did you have in creating Boba Fett? Did you study the earlier films for clues or, because yours actually, predated the others, were you free to do it on your own?

Since Boba Fett has been around long before I was even born, I really did not have any influence on the creation of the character. Boba's story was already set before I came to play him. However, I was able to bring parts of me to the character when I portrayed him. Boba has a bit of my laugh, smirk and walk, as well as my face. It was a lot of fun!

2. What has the reaction been like since the film? Are you resigned to the fact that this will always be part of your life?

The reaction has been tremendous. I would not say resigned but I am honored to be a part of "Star Wars." It has changed my life and allowed me to travel places and meet people I would have never been able to without being a part of "Star Wars." I am very happy that "Star Wars" will always be a part of my life.

3. How intense are the fans -- do they expect you to have knowledge of every nuance of the films?

The fans are great. There are the casual fans that enjoy the world of "Star Wars." Then there are the hard core fans who know all about every character, planet and vehicle in "Star Wars." Most people do not expect me to know every nuance of "Star Wars." I do learn something new from meeting with fans each and every time.

4. How do you use something like this as a springboard? Is it easier to get work? Or is it the elephant in the room?

There are many people currently working in the film and television industry who are fans of "Star Wars." Just look at how many references there are in TV shows and movies. Being a part of "Star Wars" has allowed many opportunities for me.

5. When you look at possible future incarnations for Boba Fett, would you like to be part of them? Have you created your own history for him? Or is that overthinking it?

I would always welcome playing Boba Fett again. If I am asked, I am there! I will leave the creation of the past, present and future of Boba Fett to the capable and creative minds of the Lucas film writers.

6. What was George Lucas like to work with? The experience of shooting? And what's it like to act without the actual characters/settings around you?

Working with George Lucas was fantastic. He has a great imagination and was able to convey his vision to all the actors and crew. It was actually fun to act in an environment where it was all about using your imagination. Some of the sets were fully constructed and there were other actors in costume during many of the scenes. It was not all just blue and green screen sets and CGI characters!

7. Talk about the difference between doing the animated series and the live-action film. How does the acting differ?

Voice-over work is an art form in itself. Being able to manipulate your voice to come up with many different characters is a skill that takes talent and a lot of practice. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the pros who work in voice-over; I worked with many of them in "The Clone Wars" recording booth. I enjoy both on camera acting and voice-over acting. They are both physical in their own way. In fact, I remember a few times hitting the mic while acting out a scene and had to redo it. The best part of voice acting is no makeup and no costume fittings!

8. As part of the "Star Wars" family, you've narrated "Star Wars" orchestra performances. What's it like working with a symphony? What skills do you draw upon?

I loved working with Erich Kunzel. He was a great man and a wonderful conductor. It was Erich who was instrumental in me getting that symphony narration job. I am sorry he is no longer with us. Narrating for the "Star Wars" concerts in different cities across the United States was a big highlight in my career. I actually drew upon appearances I made at conventions. As with the concerts, I had to appear in front of large crowds. I was still a bit nervous at first, but was able to use the experience of being on stage before to help calm my nerves.

9. Where do you see your career headed? You've got so many options.

I am pursuing a career in acting. I moved to Los Angeles from Auckland, New Zealand for that purpose. I enjoy the entertainment business very much. I hope to continue my career in acting for a long time with all forms of the craft: film, TV and stage.

10. Did you think, living in New Zealand, that you would ever have these opportunities?

I was an actor prior to being in "Star Wars." I was in a New Zealand soap opera called "Shortland Street." I also was in "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" with Kevin Sorbo. However, I never thought a huge franchise like "Star Wars" would come to New Zealand for actors. Safe to say, I am very glad they did!

Bonus Question: If you didn't act, what would you do?

If I was not acting, I would like to have played rugby for a living. It was rugby that paved the way for me being an actor, so I think it is fitting for that to be my second choice.

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