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SIOUX CITY -- All five entrances at the Tyson Events Center will open around 6 p.m. Saturday before the Little Big Town concert at 7:30 p.m. 

Erika Newton, general manager of the Tyson Events Center and Orpheum Theatre, said on Wednesday that the concert was "getting close" to selling out. For the hordes of country music fans who show up, the updated Tyson security protocol that audiences first encountered in January hopefully won't cause too much inconvenience. 

"People who come to the show should expect the same process if they've been to an event previously," Newton said. "For those who haven't, they should just know that we will be using the metal detectors on that date. Everyone who comes through the building will be scanned through the walk-through detectors. And any bags brought into the building are subject to search." 

Attendees will be asked to remove items that could trigger the alarm, including keys and cell phones. If the metal detector alarm sounds, the person would be subject to a second screening and possible delay of entry into the venue. 

In general, it's advisable for fans to only bring a minimal amount of personal items into the show, and to arrive early if possible. 

"People should budget enough time to get through the metal detection process and get into their seats," Newton said. 


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