Tapwater Shrimp -- Noon

In the mood for some punk rock? Heck ya you are! Tapwater Shrimp is a Sioux City band that combines old school punk rock rhythms with off-kiltered vocals featuring lots of angst-y songwriting. The band also describes itself as sped-up '50s swing music. Watch these guys have fun and go insane. You'll follow suit. It's inevitable.

Stop Motion Skeletons -- 1 p.m. 

Name seem unfamiliar? Chances are you know 'em. This band was previously known as Trust. Quite the name change, right? The moniker may have altered, but the music is still the same. These guys got the rock chops and the charisma to put on a good show. You'll leave with "Soberly Happy" stuck in your head. Just wait. 

Goodbye Old Friend -- 2 p.m. 

Metal, metal, metal. Yes, yes, yes. This will likely be one of the more intense bands to play The Abe Stage this year. The Le Mars, Iowa-based band uses intense growling vocals paired alongside melodic harmonies with lots of thrashing guitars and pumping rhythms to create high energy music to rage to. 

Heatbox -- 3 p.m. 

Who needs a band when you can just do everything yourself? Heatbox uses beatboxing and other methods to loop together songs live onstage. He's chock full of creativity and talent. You'd have to be to loop and create on-the-spot music. You'll be in for a surprise.

Tuff Roots -- 4 p.m. 

It isn't a Saturday in the Park without a bit of reggae. The Sioux Falls-based group Tuff Roots is ready to create some positive vibrations. Band members Jordan Knopf, Juan Matos, Shane Campbell, Feyet Munshikpu and Jon Baumgartner combine their different influences and backgrounds into a glorious mashup of music. It'll make you feel good. What's not to like?

DAD -- 5 p.m. 

In addition to going viral with their first music video, the hip-hop duo managed to secure first place at the recent Road to Vegas 2 Championship at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City. Using a repertoire of catchy "dad raps," the band has solidified its place in the music scene as a fun act to catch. Hell, bring your mum!

Prof -- 6:30 p.m.

Who doesn't know Prof around these parts? The Minneapolis-based rapper is a Sioux City favorite and has performed in the town countless times. Every time he just seems to be becoming more popular. Expect a large crowd when Prof hits the stage.

Brother Ali -- 8 p.m.

This year's headliner is the hip-hop artist Brother Ali. Hailing from Minneapolis (just like his fellow rapper Prof), Brother Ali channels love and pain through his work. His projects are deeply personal and have socially conscious messages to inspire all who listen. He's a man on a journey, and he wants you to hear the tales of his ventures. 

SharkWeek -- 9:15 p.m. 

Live: Saturday in the Park

No, you're not being subjected to viewing Discovery Channel specials during Saturday in the Park. Much how Kill OG closed the night in epic fashion, SharkWeek will do the same. She'll be in control of her deck and deliver a selection of glitch hop, deep dubstep and mashups. The party's not over.


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