Monday wasn’t just another Halloween eve on “Dancing with the Stars.” It was more like “The Purge.”

Two celebs – not one – went home, in spite of one’s perfect 30 score.

Craig Sjodin
Nikki Bella was sent back to the WWE Monday night when she was eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars."

Actress Vanessa Lachey and wrestler Nikki Bella were thrown to the turnbuckle, despite game performances throughout the night.

Lachey got the perfect 30 as part of a team dance to “Phantom of the Opera.” The number was great but it came at the end of the show and that was too late to do any real good.

Craig Sjodin
Bye, bye, bye: Vanessa Lachey. 

The night’s other two 30s went to Frankie Muniz for a contemporary dance that looked like something from “Twilight” and Jordan Fisher for a Michael Jackson-esque paso doble.

The big drama came when Lindsey Stirling was taken to urgent care for some rib problem. She was urged to rethink performing but gutted it out and did a paso that was part Riverdance, part “Riverdale.” She got a 27, even though it looked like she was the beneficiary of a sympathy vote. Stirling’s performance also gave a nod to “Coco,” the Disney cartoon coming out this fall. She sucked up the rib problem for her “Monster Mash” team dance, but the judges weren’t having it. They called it a mess and gave the dancers a 24, which is practically unheard of at this point in the game.

Bella got that dreaded 24 for her jive; Lachey got it for her paso. Terrell Owens was slightly better with his tango (he got a 25) but could be the next one packing.

So where does that leave us?

With four men (Jordan Fisher, Frankie Muniz, Terrell Owens and Drew Scott) and two women (Lindsey Stirling and Victoria Arlen) still dancing. No doubt another man will head out next week (Owens and Scott are the likely suspects), while Stirling and Arlen will stand pat.

Owens and Muniz have shown growth; Scott is still a fixer-upper, Arlen is a miracle dancing and Fisher and Stirling are the perfectionists trying to stay at the top of the leader board.

It still looks like it’s Fisher’s to lose but anything could happen in the next few weeks.

Halloween night surprised – but not always with dancing that was spooktacular.