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Have you ever read the book Harry Potter? My favorite book is Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. It is a seven- book series that was written for all ages. What I love about Harry Potter is that it’s so addicting to read and it’s very funny. I don’t usually like fiction books, but this series is my favorite. I recently went to Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida. It was very realistic compared to the movies and books.

My favorite book of all time is Diary of a Wimpy, Double Down. This book is the newest one in the series. You should read the other books before you read this one.  This is a really funny book. The main character is Greg, who is in middle school. One part of the book is about Greg thinking he is in a show even though he is not. Another part of the book is when he starts playing the French horn just to go to a party. He finds out he wasn’t invited, but luckily, he goes with Rowley who is invited to the party. At the end he makes a movie with his friend Rowley called the Night of the Night Crawlers. The problem is there is only one actor and it is Rowley. They try to produce it but eventually give up. This book is a must read. Joe Young     


My favorite book of all time is Prisoner B-3087. It is a book based on a true story on how one child survived the most brutal tortures you could ever imagine. It is about a boy named Yanek who was a 12 year old German. One day he got caught helping someone escape Germany so that she wouldn’t have to go to a concentration camp. So the S.S. or German special forces put Yanek in the concentration camp along with the person.

He went through 10 different concentration camps. His time in concentration camps was for four years. The longer he was there the harder it got.  He worked hard, was beaten, and starved. While he was in the concentration camps he made friends and lost friends. He had to watch family, friends, and innocent people get beaten to death. While a difficult book to read, it is important we know the facts about history and reading a historical fiction book will help to do just that!

Radyn Neal                            Mater Dei                               Grade 7

Have you ever read Shooting Stars by Buzz Bissinger and NBA superstar, LeBron James? It is about the struggles and hardships that LeBron went through before his success in the NBA. When LeBron was in elementary school, he had to go to live at his friend’s house and he would only see his single mother on the weekends.  Shooting Stars shares the story of LeBron and his high school teammates becoming men. They started a team with the same name in elementary school. It discusses how all the championships that they won from freshmen year to senior year were challenging and worthwhile.  At the end the author discusses LeBron’s early life in the NBA. LeBron demonstrates to all that even the most disadvantaged child can go from “rags to riches.”

Connor Bos                            Mater Dei                               Grade 8


Do you like to read? I don’t. My last name is basically Book; so you’d think like to read…but I don’t. I hate books and I always have, but one day I fell in LOVE with two absolutely AMAZING BOOKS! They were written by Kimberly Griffiths Little. One is The Time of the Fireflies and the other one is When the Butterflies Came. I was super sad to finish them and it took me less than three days to read them! I couldn’t put them down. When the Butterflies Came shares  how Tara’s grandma went “missing” and whenever something bad happens to their family, Tara’s mom has a huge mental breakdown. Their unpaid maid was watching over them. The girl Tara gets a mysterious letter that is from her grandma. She finds out that there are secret hints in each letter that can help her find the next letter. She finds a key with each of the letters found. Her grandma let them live in her house to see the nipwisipwis she finds the last letter and she finds something from the VERY secluded and hidden hint. To find out what she finally finds and who discovers, you’ll have to read the amazing book, The Time of the Fireflies.

Sidney Koob                          Mater Dei                 Grade 6                      

If I asked you what your favorite book was, what would you say? Well, I am here to tell you about my favorite book. My all- time favorite book is Peak by Roland Smith. Peak is a story about a 13 year- old boy, named Peak Marcello, who loves to climb. He lives in New York City with his mom, stepdad, and two sisters. Peak gets in trouble for climbing a building and later has to go to jail. After a while in jail, he goes on trial because he broke the law; also because a kid tried to copy him by climbing a building but fell and died. He gets off trial and his dad offers him the chance of a lifetime - to climb Mount Everest.  Peak and his father take off from New York City and travel to Kathmandu. Peak gets climbing supplies and also meets a Sherpa who will help him on the climb. It turns out that the Sherpa’s father saved Peak’s father in a very bad storm on Mount Everest. He starts the climb and travels to advanced base camp. On the way up he endures many challenges with the weather and sickness. His father gets stuck at a different camp further up the mountain. Peak advances up the huge mountain and is near the peak when something unexpected happens. You will be so surprised to see what happens. I highly recommend reading this book; it is one of the best books I have ever read!

Drew Determan          Mater Dei                               Grade 8


Airborn Summary Matt Cruse is just a boy with big hopes. He dreams of going to the Airship Academy and becoming the captain of an airship. He becomes just the cabin boy for the ship, the Aurora. While off on an exploratory mission, Matt is sent to the crow’s nest to keep an eye out for other ships. After a while they spot an air balloon on fire. The ship goes into emergency precautions and rescues the one passenger of the balloon. Matt finds his diary and reads it; in the diary the man wrote about mysterious creatures he called “cloud cats” living near an island. When the man died, Matt gained even more interest in the diary. Matt returns home for the night where he meets Katie de Vries, a girl of his age born into a rich family. She booked a ride on the Aurora to discover more about the death of her grandfather, the man who was on the balloon.

Halfway through the trip, the ship is raided by the notorious pirate Szpriglass. All he wants is the money on the ship. When he leaves, he is careless and knocks and engine off the Aurora. The Aurora crash lands on a mysterious island that is uncharted. The ship will take a while to be repaired, so the captain of the Aurora sent him to find a nearby source of food and water. (This writer continued with an incredible synopsis of the book...but you will simply have to read it to see what happens next!) 

Benjamin Raymond              Grade 8



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