Fall Sports

When you hear of the NFL what do you think of? Do you think of the loud noises, the tailgate parties, or the crowds of people cheering on their team? When I hear of the NFL, or National Football League, I think of the fun times, good games, and the entertainment. The NFL is a hard-hitting sport filled with a lot of action and fun. The NFL, my favorite sport, is the best sport to watch.

There was a lot of action and good games this week. The Kansas City Chiefs remain undefeated with a field goal for the win, being the only team undefeated. Kareem Hunt has the most fantasy points and could become Rookie of the Year. Another good rookie is Dalvin Cook for the Minnesota Vikings who has sadly been injured and out for the rest of the season because of a torn ACL. Deshaun Watson had five touchdowns, four of them passing and one rushing. Watson had 24 rushing yards on only four attempts, 283 passing yards, and with that many passing yards he only had one interception. So far this year has been pretty good for the NFL if you ask me.

Luke O’Hern                           Mater Dei                                Grade 7

Down, Set, Hike! Nebraska and Iowa are back at it again. It will all depend on the smart decisions that are made. This glorious game is played every year just the day after Thanksgiving. The hurt players and rankings will make a big impact during the game. My prediction is that the Hawkeyes will win by seven points.

The big question is who will win? Sometimes the rankings don’t matter because in some football games the team that is supposed to win doesn’t. So far the winning streak is Iowa by two. On Friday, November 24 at 3:00 p.m., turn your television to FS1 to watch the game! Iowa, my favorite team, is the team I am rooting for. Go Hawks!            Lucas LaFleur             Grade 7


Touchdown! Interception! Everybody loves football, right? If you do, you might watch the Iowa- Nebraska game on November 24. This game is between two rivals who clash every year around Thanksgiving. It will be a close game. Kirk Ferentz, the Iowa Coach, will be leading Iowa to Memorial Field to clash with Mike Riley’s Nebraska.   (Maybe not Riley...)

The schools often met in the late 1890s and early 1900s but have played only six times in the second half of the century. They have had a total of 46 games. Their first meeting was on November 26, 1891. The largest victory was won by Nebraska 57 to 0. The longest win streak was eight games by, of course, Nebraska. The all -time series has been of course Nebraska leading 29-15-3. Ever since Nebraska moved to the Big Ten Conference, Nebraska and Iowa have met annually. Whoever wins claims the Heroes Trophy for the year. The latest win streak is Iowa winning two years in a row. This year it will be a close game. Personally, I want Nebraska to win. I think Tanner Lee and the Huskers will take the W 31 to 28.

Easton Prenger                                  Mater Dei                               Grade 7

Splash! That is a sound that we all already miss. For most of you, the swimming season is or has already ended, considering the seasonal change and the weather lately. Not for me! In fact, it is just starting! In Sioux City, the two most well-known swim teams are the Mariners and the Sharks. I am a teammate of the Siouxland Sharks. We practice Monday-Friday for 1½ hours a day. Sometimes we have meets, a swimming event where people come to watch different teams compete, on the weekends. It is a time consuming sport and takes a lot of dedication.

There are many different options in swim. You have backstroke, breaststroke, fly, or freestyle to choose from. The length of the pool is 25 meters, so when coach says do a100 -freestyle, meaning that you go down and back and then down and back, or four lengths of the pool, and since coach said freestyle, then that is the stroke you would do it in.  In meets you can do a 25, 50, 100, 200, or even a 400! You can also do an I.M, or an individual medley, which is a mix of all four strokes, and each length or two you could switch. In meets, it is fun to race others and see how you do, but what I think swim is more about is beating yourself. It is fun to get your best time and meet new friends. All in all, just do your best and “just keep swimming!” 

Breauna Murphy                              Mater Dei                               Grade 7


 Mine! That’s what you hear when you walk onto a volleyball court. You see people in different colored jerseys walk by with their hair tied up and a volleyball in their hands. You see the tall net and the team that’s playing. You warm up with your team, setting, passing, hitting, and digging. You get your knee pads on and your volleyball shoes tied. Next, it’s game time.

During practice, you’ll see us start by setting up the net poles and untangling the net, along with adjusting the height. After that, we run a few laps around the court and stretch out. One of the things you might notice is how we serve progression, serving back and forth. Another thing we do is where there are four people on one side and a coach, on the other side.  The coach throws to them and they have to pass or hit the ball to the setter so they can later hit it over the net.  Right now we are ranked number one in our league. I hope the season never ends!Sidney Koob              


If you play any sport at all, you probably know that you should be a good sportsman. A good sportsman is someone who is respectful, kind, encouraging, and courteous on the court or field. Good sportsmen encourage their teammates in uplifting and positive ways. They respect the rules of the game and the officials’ calls. Good sportsmen can control their temper easily when something doesn’t go their way. These certain athletes also respect the other team, win or lose. Usually, these people stick out easily because of their sportsmanship, not athleticism. Any sport, volleyball to cross country, needs these leaders.

Are you a good teammate? If you are any of the adjectives above, then you are! Being a good teammate means you have a good conscience, as well as you have a more confident outlook on yourself! It will give you and others a more joyful experience in sports, as well as making it a lot more fun. And, on top of that, if you’re a good teammate, you might influence other athletes. So, in conclusion, being a good sportsman has a positive influence on yourself and others!     

 Logan Miller             Mater Dei                               Grade 7


It is hockey time! I started playing hockey nine years ago when I was four years old. I can thank my mom and dad for getting me into hockey. They have put so much time, effort, and money for me to play hockey. I appreciate this immensely.

Hockey has been my favorite sport of all time! It is a very dangerous sport. I get hurt every season. Every year I get the wind knocked out of me. I feel like I cannot breathe for a while so I sit out for a minute and then I go back in.  It is all worth the hardship.

I accidently got kicked out of a game once and I was mad about it. This guy from the other team and I were going into the boards, and I hit him hard. The referee took me out. I deserved the time out.  That is my time playing hockey! It is fun but crazy!  Trenton Fuentes          Grade 7


It’s November! That means the Nebraska vs. Iowa game will be played on Black Friday. This game, the Heroes Game, is one of the biggest games for Nebraska. Their match is one of the best rivalries in college football. I can tell you this much though, Tanner Lee, Nebraska’s quarterback, had better have a good game because he’s thrown nine interceptions in five games and that is terrible. Nebraska does have a really good receiving core with De’mornay Piercenal, Stanley Morgan, and JD Spielman.

This game might decide the BIG 10 West, our division. If we are the best in the West, we go to the BIG 10 Championship! The past two years we’ve LOST to Iowa. That is embarrassing. Last year we lost 40-10 and the year before that we lost 28-20. Yeah, so we need to step it up this year or it will be an ugly game. We need to win this game and I really hope we do. My final prediction on the score: Nebraska 27-24.  Landen Runge-Dill                Grade 7


Running! If you like to run, cross country is for you. Cross country is a sport where you get to run miles through beautiful scenery.  One of the best parts of cross country is that you get to run with your friends. Cross country is a team sport.

An important thing to remember is that you should always stretch before running. I always like to do toe taps as my first stretch. I started cross country, a running sport, this year and I love it. When I was in my first meet, my coach taught me a trick. She told me to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It helped me throughout the season. Cross country is a sport where you have to practice a lot. The best way to practice is with a friend or a parent. The main reason I started cross country was to get in shape and I do think it helped. Luke Ernesti          


Do you play football? I do and I really enjoy it. My name is Kyle Martin. I play on the offensive and defensive line for the Heelan middle school team. We have won three games and tied once this season. We beat West Monona, South Sioux City, and West Middle. We tied East Middle 14-14. We put in a lot of work to win our games. We practice every day of the week unless there is a home varsity football game.

We have a tough game coming up, East Middle. East is our rival and will always be. They tied us last time and we know that it will be our toughest game of the season. It’s also to decide the first game, so this is for both games. Tomorrow we play South Sioux again; the first time we played it was a close game but we still beat them. Football is compacted with suspense and hard hits, that’s why I like football. I recommend playing football.  Kyle Martin        

 Basketball season, the best season ever, is almost here. My team, the Saders, have had two open gyms so far this year. They have been a lot of fun because we play five on five. This year we have 12 kids on our team but last year we had 10. Our team keeps getting better and better, but it also is getting bigger.

There are some good and some bad things about having more kids on our team. Some good things are we have a better team because we have a lot of people with a lot of talent. The bad thing is we get less playing time. We have our open gyms at Sacred Heart. I can’t wait for our tournaments to start and for the season to finally begin. Basketball season is almost here and I hope you are as excited as I am.        Nathan Lawler


Have you ever played football? I have and it’s really fun. Football is a sport where you have 11 players on the field. The offense tries to take the ball into the end zone. The defense tries to stop them. I’m on the Heelan 8th grade team and our record is 3-0-1. We play North, West, East, SSC, and West Monona. We have beat West, West Monona and SSC and tied with East. Our coaches, Nick Hegarty and Curt Gengler, push our teams to never give up. We have four home games this year on Heelan’s new turf field. It’s really fun when we all wear our jerseys to the high school games.  Caden LaFleur


I line up for my event,

Only swimming is on my mind.

Hoping that all those practices were time well spent,

And thinking that maybe I would break my time.

There I stood by the block...

 Two people before me in line,

And the butterflies were starting to fly.

I reminded myself it would be just fine,

Besides, my heat was up.

I stepped onto the block and got ready,

And for that moment time stood still.

The butterflies were gone and my thoughts were steady,

“Dive in, swim fast, do the best that you can.”

Now back to the real world I hear the announcer shout,“Take your mark”

I heard the beep and we were out,

And I dove in with a Splash!

Swimming, swimming, swimming,

As fast as I could through the pool.

Turning at the wall and going back to the beginning.

I was almost to the end of the race.

The wall was coming up fast like a train,

And I was running out of steam.

I was coming to the end of the lane,

But I couldn’t tell if someone else had finished.

I touched the wall fast,

And I looked up at my time.

Thankfully I hadn't gotten last.

In fact, I had gotten first place!

I pulled myself out of the pool using the wall,

And the timer handed me a blue ribbon.

My legs were so tired I thought I might fall,

But, I had a bright smile on my face.

Lily Graham

Do you know what volleyball is? If you don’t I’m here to tell you all about the fabulous sport. There are six players that start the game. In volleyball you block, bump, set, spike, and serve. There are three types of serves; there is an underhand serve, a regular serve and jump serve.  There are six zones on the volleyball court. The zones are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. You have to defend the zone you’re playing in volleyball. The positions are Left Back, Middle Back or Libraro, Right Back, Left Front, Middle Front, Setter, and Right Front. In the front row you spike; the Left Front hits a 5, the Middle Front hits a 2 or a 1, and Right Front Hits a 9.  

The position I play in volleyball is Right Front and Right Back or Left Front or Left Back. What that means is when we rotate to serve, I play all around so I never go out. Bailey Logan


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