A Clerihew is a humorous 4 line poem that follows a rhyme scheme. It makes a brief, humorous statement about a person. It is named after Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956) who originated this verse form. He was an English writer of detective stories.

Line 1 ends with the person’s name

Line 2 rhymes with line 1

Lines 3 and 4 rhyme with each other                Woodbury Central Third Grade Class

Miley K.

Rain pours on Miley Ann,

Then she saw a man.

Soon the rain stopped and there was a rainbow,

And now it is time to mow.


Isabella P.

Rained poured on Bella,

Then she saw Ella.

They wanted to play in the rain,

Before it goes to the drain.


Colin B.

Raindrops are falling on Colin Lee,

I hope all the rain doesn’t fall on me.

There was a rainbow I could see.

It was next to the big oak tree.

Brody B.

Running around was Brody Gene,

Don’t worry, he is not mean.

Soon it is going to rain,

I hope it all goes down the drain.

Rachel P.

It starts to rain on Rachel Ann,

Quickly into the house she ran.

Out comes the sunshine,

And then it looked fine.

Maxon H.

Cutting down the tree was Max,

He tried to use his silver ax.

When he saw the lightning flash,

He had to suddenly dash.


Alivia S.

It might rain on Alivia Taylor,

I think I could be a sailor.

But I don’t have a boat,

The rain is here, I have my coat.                 

Joe D.

There was a boy named Joe,

He was in the flood ready to go.

The rain drops looked like ping pong balls,

He wished he was at the mall.

Sophie F.

In the flood sitting was Sophie Rae.

She wishes it was May.

She’s with Genna her best bud.

Neither of them like the flood.

Genna W.  

“I was playing in the rain,” said Genna.

While I was…I met a girl named McKenna.

Then I saw a bee.

He fell into a puddle that I could see.

Daniel D.

It was pouring on Daniel.

Then he saw a cocker spaniel.

He saw a seagull by the bay.

He likes to play here all day.

Alison A.  

Raindrops are falling on Ali.

She was with a girl named Halle.

They were playing in the mud.

Until it poured and there was a flood.


Ella O.

Down the street went Ella.

With her good friend Bella.

It was sprinkling so they couldn’t play.

I hope it doesn’t last all day.


Nathan B.  

It is raining on Nathan.

He is with his friend Payton.

There was a puddle and a little bee.

I hope he flies away and gets free.

Katlynn F.  

It is raining at Katlynn’s.

I hope it’s also raining at Payton’s.

I hope it’s not a flood.

There will be a lot of mud.       

Carter H.

“Here comes the rain,” said Carter.

And now it’s falling harder.

It’s the April showers.

I wish I had super powers.

Kayser B.

It’s raining on Kayser Bleil.

It’s going to be coming down for awhile.

There will be a lot of puddles.

I just want some cuddles.

Shaelee B.  

Down the street went Shaelee.

With her good friend Bailey.

The rain fell and they went under a tree.

A beautiful rainbow they did see.

Dylan M.  

My name is Dylan Michael.

I like to ride my bicycle.

After I jump in the puddles.

I like to get some cuddles.

Cameron C.

Rain was falling on Cam.

It was soaking his lamb.

That made the ram mad.

Which made the lamb sad.

Annika R.  

The girl’s name is Ally.

She liked to tally.

She sat in a tree.

So she could see.


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