Flippy and Floppy, my resident bunnies who were born under the pink peony bush on the north side of my house three and a half years ago, have been missing in action. In fact, I was sure that this time they were gone for good. They've been gone for periods of time before, but never this long.

Maybe they found a greener lawn in a different neighborhood with more children to play around. I've noticed their little ears perk up when they see children walking to and from school. Maybe they went on vacation and decided to stay. How many of us wouldn't love to do that? Especially if it was a dream vacation.

Maybe they were visiting the kids and decided the grandchildren needed some extra help in learning proper bunny ways and proper bunny etiquette. Who can teach them better than grandparents? They have more time and more patience. And Flippy and Floppy are nothing if not very polite bunnies. They are great examples to bunnies and humans alike. Except for that one time when Flippy almost knocked me over because he ran past me so close that cotton from his fluffy bunny tail ended up on my shoe. In retrospect, I think it was just his way of saying hello. It was an unusually busy time for me. I hadn't been home much and I think he missed me.

There was also the incident when Flippy and Floppy nibbled down to the nubbins my favorite purple viola plant. It was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. I remember the morning I walked past it and smiled just because it made me happy to look at it. It was in full bloom. In fact, I wondered how that many blooms could be on one plant. That evening when I got home from work, every single bloom was gone. The viola plant never recovered from that voracious nibbling.

But I forgave Flippy and Floppy for two reasons. First, I was the one who placed the viola plant on my back step. Second, even though at times they seem to exhibit human qualities, Flippy and Floppy are first and foremost bunnies. They succumbed to bunny temptation. Can you imagine what to must be like to eat grass most of the time?

"What's for supper, Floppy?"



"Sorry, honey. That's all we have. We could go out to eat tonight, over at the neighbor's yard."

"No, let's just stay home. I'm tired from hopping and running all day. This is good grass. It's just that, I wish we could have something a little different once in awhile."

"I know, Flippy. Maybe someday we will."

Then they see the violas. It's the ultimate dessert. It'd be like someone placing an ice cream tree right outside my door. Especially if it was mint chocolate chip.

"Flippy! Did you see it?"


"Miss Kathy left us dessert! Purple violas."

"My favorite! Yippee! Let's eat now!"

So, you can see why I missed my resident bunnies. But they are back. They've packed their little suitcases and moved from their summer home from one part of my yard into their winter home. All cozy and ready for cooler temps.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for many things. For friends, for family, for my church, for all the ways in which God provides for me and gives me joy. And I am especially thankful that Flippy and Floppy have come home. Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you.

Kathy Yoder is devotional writer. She may be reached at kathyyoder4@gmail.com.