I’ve been practice driving on what will soon be my new road home. I’m moving into a different home, in a different location, with different surroundings.

Finding my way is challenging for me.

I’m a visual person. I don’t live my life following traditional directions. Oh, I try. When I was a photojournalist, I knew my directions only because I could visualize an area on a map. Eventually, as I got familiar with a new area, I simply knew which way was north, south, east and west.

But I’m more comfortable going through life with little pictures stored in my brain. If someone tells me to travel down the gravel road past the gas station and hang a left out of town, turning right at the old barn where the owl sleeps next to the green car, and then follow the field of white daisies until I get to a blue mailbox, I can easily find that place. Landmarks. They make sense to me.

So does color. The very first dream I remember having as a small child was filled with beautiful colors. They were all around me, living, breathing, moving with me. Even to this day, colors calm me, bringing me peace and joy. I arrange my books by color. Not because it makes a decorating statement, but because that’s how I know them.

One time someone was trying to remember the name of a book. They said it was green and they described something on the cover. It didn’t take long before the title came to me.

We all have our unique ways of living in this world. For some, their lives are filled with north, south, east and west. The four directions make perfect, wonderful sense to them. Living any other way is foreign to them. But we all have ways of making sense of what’s around us. Of coping with change. Of moving through this world. What seems unusual to one person, is familiar to another.

One day as I’m driving to my soon-to-be new home, I realize that this will be my new road home but I don’t know it. It’s pretty. I know that eventually it will become my friend. But for now, we’re simply acquaintances. It’s like when you meet a new person and you have an instant connection. Even though it makes no logical sense, you know in your heart that eventually you will become very good friends. Every time I’ve felt that way, it has happened. Every one of those friends is still my friend today, even if we don’t see each other for long periods of time.

Friends help us find our way in this life. Especially if they are friends who travel life with the Lord of lords and the King of kings.

Godly friends help one another with landmarks, using the Bible as our road map. A friend once told me at just the right moment, “If you find it in the Bible, you know it’s true.” I’ve never forgotten that. It helped me when I was discerning my call to ministry. It’s helped me at other times when finding my way has been challenging.

Over the years as I’ve read the Bible, different stories or verses take on new meanings. New insights pop up as I become better friends with the Word of God. The Bible takes me to new places. It reveals new truths to me all the time. It’s one of the ways that I have a close friendship with the Lord.

During my life here on earth, I’ve been practice driving on this new road. The one that leads to my true home in Heaven. The landmarks are the truths found in the Bible. The landmarks are friends who also travel this road. The landmarks are the words of Jesus. The road signs are written in his blood with his love.

The directions are not always traditional as the Lord leads us on our individual paths. My path’s filled with color, with sleepy owls, with good friends, and with God’s love. The important thing for each one of us to know is where our road leads and who’s leading us. If Jesus leads you, you’re on the path to eternal life. You’re on the road home. If he doesn’t, you better change roads.

Kathy Yoder is a devotional writer. She may be reached at kathyyoder4@gmail.com.


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