It’s a different kind of day, devoid of any bright colors. Nothing to make the eye squint as it looks for cover. No, this is an eye-wide-open day, but not a wide awake sort of day. In fact, the soft hills look like giant pillows waiting for someone to lie down and take a nap. Time to snuggle up in the soft curves of the inviting landscape and surrender to peaceful slumber.

The fields of stubble have hints of brownish gold peeking through, but not in a showy way. Although when the sun’s out, the gold shines like jewels in in an exquisite crown. But not today. Today is subtle. Understated. Unnoticed. Unremarkable. And yet, it’s not.

The sun’s hiding behind heavy grey skies, knowing that something’s going to happen. It waits patiently behind clouds that are pregnant with possibility. A hush falls over the day. No birds singing. No hawks soaring through the countryside with a confidence that only majestic birds possess. June bugs are snoozing and the flies are not buzzing.

There’s one grey opossum waddling across the farm yard, plodding along with a full tummy and a weary attitude. He’s fooled by the day thinking that it’s almost night time. His demeanor does nothing to erase the wonder of this day.

The scene looks like a pencil drawing. As if God himself drew a picture and then took his thumb and smudged out all the sharp lines. There’s incredible beauty in the subtleties of this day. A beauty that many miss because they’re just too busy scampering along to take notice.

Today Fall turns the corner. It’s no longer Fall with tinges of summer coloring the edges of a book about to turn the pages back to warmer temperatures and sunny days. No, it’s Fall with the possibility of something heavy like rain, sleet, and snow. It’s Fall waiting to fall into the next season.

It’s not only nature in transition, it’s people, too.

A guy who’s lived a life of running into sharp edges and veering around dangerous curves is tired of a life lived only for himself. Tired of running as fast as he can and getting nowhere. He sees bright lights on this subtle day and realizes in an instant that he’s been wrong. Like Saul on the road to Damascus, he’s blinded by his sin. He smacks right into the truth and it stops him in his tracks.

He’s been successful, by the world’s standards. Made lots of money. Been famous, too. He’s envied by many, but they don’t see behind the bright lights. They don’t see the subtleties of truth or the frightened and lonely little boy he keeps hidden.

But on subtle days like this, there’s nowhere for him to hide. He comes face to face with the truth of an empty life and it knocks him to his knees. He’s afraid to face the Lord. Afraid that he will be rejected, again. His dad rejected him long ago when he was still an innocent little boy. His mom, too. It was long before he sought out the bright lights of fame and fortune. The envy of so many, he secretly envied those with a loving family.

But on a subtle day like this day, that changed. Listening to the Holy Spirit, others stepped out in faith, sharing the Good News with this man. Shaking in his expensive boots, the man heard the truth. As they prayed for him, he came home.

And the little boy who was rejected so long ago came out of hiding. He stepped into the light and met his Heavenly Father for the very first time, becoming part of God’s family. It was a day like any other day except that a grey and cloudy life cleared for him and the light of truth was illuminated.

He simply heard the words that Jesus died on the cross for his sins. That he could be forgiven and his sins forgotten. That he could turn a corner and enter a new season of a brand new life as part of a loving family that lasts forever.

The Good News is that there’s always room for one more. Are you looking for a forever family? Look no farther. Surrender to Jesus and welcome home.

Kathy Yoder is a devotional writer. She may be reached at


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