We are the Rememberers. The ones who don’t forget. We listen not only with our ears, but also with our hearts. We hear the sounds that are not uttered and the whispers that are never given birth. We sense the stories that hide around corners, starving for hearers who will not judge, but understand. We coax them out with bread crumbs of compassion and feed their starving souls with the Bread of Life.

We listen on the wind when it’s in a rare sharing mood, explaining what’s riding its coattails. The hitchhikers are as varied as circus acts from long ago. Step right up and see the ones who live life as a bad dream, chained in an old trunk of their own making, desperately looking for an escape hatch.

Step over here and see the merry-go-round. It’s a fun ride, but there’s no way off. Look in the hall of mirrors at those who don’t trust what they see, but somehow believe the distorted images of themselves.

The wind knows the truth. It sifts through lies like chaff that flies in its face, and expels them to find a path elsewhee. It knows the truth like a mama cat knows her own kittens. Follow the movement of God’s hands and we’ll never be lost. Set our minds on Him and we’ll be transformed.

We are the Rememberers. We were not present when the world began, but we know the One who was. The Three in One.

We did not hear those words, “Let there be…” but we see them in our souls. The vast expanse of nothingness. The great chaos. Then they, the Lord, calmed it all and with great creativity set it in motion. The light of the day. The lights of the night. The earth and everything on it. The animals. The man and the woman, walking with God.

And even though we weren’t there when time began and we weren’t present when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, we too have delighted in His company. We, too, love Him.

We have walked with the Lord in the cool of the day and in the midst of storms. We’ve ridden with the disciples in the boat when the wind came out of nowhere and rocked our world. We’ve shivered in fright and wondered if we would die. Yes, we too have displayed “little faith.” That’s when the Lord has taken our hand and said, “Be still. I am here.”

And with those few words, the One who calmed the wind calmed the raging winds in us.

We have been the untouchables, crying with a voice so sad we had to coax the words from our own mouths with unfulfillable promises. We have cried, “Unclean! Unclean!” We have been blind, stumbling in the darkness without hope. Begging for light. Any light. Begging for love. Any love. Then the Light came to us and illuminated our lives with such loving precision and noteworthy clarity that we walked away from those old lives and walked with the Light into brand new creations. Unclean no more.

Yes, we are the Rememberers. The ones who live in the Light.

And we are the Sharers, too. We share our stories. Some of them are sad. Some of them are hard. Many are filled with regrets. And yet, they are the stories of forgiveness. They are the stories of triumphant love. They are the stories that deserve to be told. The stories of those who have passed through the black-hole darkness into the Light. They are the stories of the Rememberers. The ones who never forget the stories of the Lord. Whether we lived those stories personally or we carry the words of His story in our hearts, we remember.

Our bodies may get old. Our minds may wear thin. Our disposition may be less than shining. Our challenges may be plenty. And yet, we remember.

The wind shares the secrets of time. Our time and God’s time are not the same. If we set our watches to God’s time, we will never be late. In fact, we’ll be right on time for eternity. Remember that. And remember us. The Rememberers. But most of all, remember Him. The Lord, the giver of life.

Kathy Yoder is a devotional writer. She may be reached at kathyyoder4@gmail.com.


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