Augustana Lutheran Church

Augustana Lutheran Church in Sioux City will host a Holden Evening Prayer event at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

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SIOUX CITY -- Lutheran churches far and wide will be taking part in a Holden Evening Prayer Around the World at 7 p.m. Wednesday. 

The musical prayer event will be hosted locally at Augustana Lutheran Church, 600 Court St. The church will have a pianist as well as a flutist accompanying the prayer. The service will include singing, scripture reading and a meditation time. 

"It's a time when we come together to work on issues of justice around the world," Rev. Del Olivier, pastor at Augustana, said. 

There are all sorts of justice issues to be prayed for, Olivier said, including people who have nothing and go hungry. 

"We pray for good weather, we pray for health, we pray that those who are oppressed will be freed," he said. 

This will be the first time that Augustana hosts the prayer service, and Olivier said the general public (including non-Lutherans) are encouraged to attend. 

"The church can hold about 400 people. I think it would be awesome if it was full," Olivier said. "I'm going to be very pleased if we have 100." 

The Holden Evening Prayer was composed in the mid-1980s by Marty Haugen, while he was the musician-in-residence at Holden Village, a Lutheran retreat center in Washington State. 

"Marty is a phenomenal contemporary musician, and he wrote this beautiful music to go with this," Olivier said.

"Even if you're singing it for the first time, one of the hallmarks of Marty Haugen's music is that it is so accessible," he said. "Once you hear it, you catch right on." 

Olivier cautioned that the service will involve the use of incense -- "I know that a lot of people are allergic or sensitive to incense, so I want people forewarned." 

The service is free, though any offering will be accepted. For further information on the service, call 712-255-7694. 


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