SIOUX CITY | After checking in to the hospital Wednesday afternoon, Daniel Martinez realized there was a chance he and wife, Cassandra, could have Sioux City's first baby of 2015.

As he watched the hours pass by after their 3 p.m. arrival at Unity Point Health-St. Luke's, Daniel began hoping for it.

"I was, I hope she waited until after midnight," Daniel said.

Cassandra, on the other hand, had no such desires. The sooner the baby was born healthy, the better.

"I just wanted to have the baby," she said.

They had to wait until well past midnight. Labor was induced at around 2:50 a.m. Thursday, and at 12:19 p.m., Adassa Grace Martinez was born, Sioux City's first baby of the new year. The Martinez family is from South Sioux City.

"I was nervous, because I didn't think we were going to have it," Daniel said, figuring there were other babies being born earlier in the morning.

It wasn't even close. Nurses said there were no other women in labor at the same time as Cassandra. By Thursday afternoon, only one other woman was on the hospital's delivery floor.

Adassa weighed in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 19 inches long. She has a 4-year-old sister, Anneliese.

"She's excited. She had a really big smile when she saw her," Daniel said of Adassa's big sister.

Cassandra's birthday is Jan. 10, but no one else in the family was close to being a new year's baby. Adassa wasn't supposed to be, either. Cassandra's due date was Dec. 26.

"She wanted to wait until the new year," Daniel said, laughing, of his new daughter.

Last year's new year's baby, also a girl, was a much earlier arrival. She was born at 5:19 a.m.


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