SIOUX CITY | City lawmakers are scheduled Monday to give final approval to a ban on feeding deer and wild turkeys within the city. Violators would be fined.

The new measure is meant to reduce traffic accidents and damage to plants caused by the wild animals. The City Council held two public hearings on the measure in September and voted to approve it. Monday's action will be the third and final vote.

In July, a dozen northside residents urged the council to enact the ban because deer were damaing plants in their yards. Other residents have complained about the messes left by turkey droppings and the traffic hazards both species create.

Drought conditions this summer have forced the animals deeper into Sioux City neighborhoods.

The council considered a similar ban in 2010 but backed off after a number of people said they wanted to feed the animals. Several homeowners objected to the feeding ban this time, as well, and several others questioned how the measure would be enforced. Other homeowners said more deer are wandering around their neighborhoods and sleeping and feeding in their yards than ever before.

Police would investigate complaints of people illegally feeding the animals. Residents still could feed birds and squirrels.