SIOUX CITY | First, you zig to the left. Now, zag to the right.

And if you're seeing plenty of zig-zag, then you're probably up on the most ubiquitous trend in fashion.

According to Sara Morrow, chevron -- an inverted "V" pattern which repeats itself -- can be found on dresses, purses, even jewelry, this season.

"Some people call it a chevron but I still think of it as being a zig-zaggy pattern," she said.

Morrow, owner of Bad Habit Boutique, regularly travels to Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas to see the hottest fashion trends.

She then brings back the trendiest duds to her stores in Le Mars, Iowa and at the JC Penney wing of Southern Hills Mall.

In addition to chevron patterns, bold, geometric patterned Aztec prints are also big.

"There's nothing wrong with being a little bold when it comes to fashion," Morrow suggested. "If you want to stand out, stand out."

In fact, Morrow said Bad Habit Boutique customers want that straight-off-the-runway look.

"With the Internet and social media, women know trends faster than ever," she said. "As soon as they see a new look on Facebook or Pinterest, they want it."

This is why Morrow maintains a Facebook page to stay connected to her customer base of local "fashionistas."

"They tell me they want bold patterns that are versatile enough to go from day to night and from casual to formal," she said.

For instance, the wild pattern of an Aztec skirt can be soften by neutral top. Or a simple sweater dress can become trendy when paired with chevron-patterned leggings and a pair of boots.

"Some women prefer a punch of color or an unexpected pattern," Morrow said. "Leggings are a great way to achieve a fashionable look without going all the way."

Which is fine by Morrow, who said her clientele ranges from the "rocker girl" to the "soccer mom."

"You gotta please everybody," she said, "but everybody can be fashionable."

Morrow ought to know.

After studying fashion merchandising at Iowa State University, Morrow said she has worked in retail sales for nearly half of her life.

Earlier this year, she opened her Bad Habit Boutique in Le Mars and opened the Southern Hills Mall location in November.

"People tell me walking into my store is habit-forming and that's where the name comes from," she said. "You can call shopping in my store a form of retail therapy."

As Bad Habit Boutique customers are looking through Morrow's winter line of clothing, she's already getting ready for spring 2014.

"Retailers are always ordering at least six months ahead of time," she said, adding that springtime trends will include plenty of bright colors, maxi dresses and high-low dresses, with the hems higher in front and lower in back.

"Women are looking for comfort but they're also looking for fashion," Morrow said. "It's easy to have both if you know to put things together."


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