Getting that job: Internet presence, clothes can make a difference

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February 23, 2014 4:00 pm  • 

In today’s job market, putting your best self forward starts before walking through the door.

Especially when you have a double major in mass communication and business like Morgan Kulzer, a senior at Briar Cliff University.

“My social media presence is going to be more prevalent than say someone going into the medical field,” Kulzer said. “I would want a future employer to look at my page and see what kind of person I am and that I know how to use the tools to market myself.”

While she gets ready to enter the workforce, she’s also helping others launch their careers through Dress for Success, an event put on by the Junior League of Sioux City partnered with Briar Cliff’s marketing management class.

Together, they’ll walk job-seekers through the application process from Facebook to their first step on site.

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Discovery Shop, 316 W. Seventh St. The thrift store serves as the Junior League’s only fundraiser and money made benefits community improvement projects.

Briar Cliff students will be there to help with social media and business professionals will be available to critique résumés as well as conduct mock interviews. At the same time, shoppers will be able to buy appropriate and affordable interview outfits with the help of fashion consultants.

“The value of this is to really educate people,” said Kara Obbink, assistant chair of the Discovery Shop. “If you don’t have someone in your own personal network who can help you write a résumé or give you tips on how to do an interview, it’s really hard to figure that out on your own. If you do interview for a job and you don’t get the job, you don’t get a lot of feedback typically.”

Applicants likely won’t find out the reasons why they were overlooked for a position – and sometimes it’s due to a solvable problem such as dressing more professionally, toning down the makeup, establishing a confident handshake or improving communication skills and answers to commonly asked interview questions.

Through the event, participants will have the opportunity to hone their skills and appearances.

“Having it here at the Discovery Shop, we can provide some more inexpensive clothing options for somebody who is looking for professional attire to wear to a job interview,” Obbink said. “A lot of times, thrift stores are very underutilized or misunderstood place to find clothes.”

She added that thrift stores, like the Discovery Shop, can be good places to find brand name clothes at a bargain price. Some items still have the original prices tags on them while others have been barely worn or show little wear.

While the event aims to assist job-seekers, it also provides hands-on experience for students in Briar Cliff’s advanced marketing class. They’ve helped organize the occasion, and they will be at the thrift shop with laptops to offer a crash course on managing online profiles and personal branding.

Kulzer and her classmates will be able to address topics like privacy settings on Facebook, appropriate photos and how to use LinkedIn, a social networking site for business professionals.

“If people want to find out about their Internet presence or what they can do to better their presence on social media sites, we can give them tips,” Kulzer said. “We’re covering everything from résumés to interviewing tips – anything to help people market themselves to get into their future career.”

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