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It’s selling like hot cakes these days at Sarah’s Candies, 508 Nebraska St.

Men love it and even women are willing to sample the hot new product, says Sarah’s owner Dody Jonas.

It brings together the crispy, salty taste of bacon with the sweetness of chocolate. It is, in fact, chocolate-covered bacon, a sweet-and-savory combination that has been a hit at state fairs across the country and is making its presence known in more urban areas these days.

“All it is is just fried-up bacon dipped in chocolate,” said Jonas, who has trouble keeping it on the shelf, as popular as it is, mostly through word of mouth.

She admits she is somewhat shocked by the treat’s popularity. “I mean, I would have never put the two together if I hadn’t heard about it,” she said.

The new treat, however, is a natural progression. After all, bacon is more than just a breakfast food. There is bacon-flavored ice cream, bacon vodka and bacon-scented cologne, though we have yet to hear of bacon-scented perfume, this being a manly man’s thing. And what could be more enticing than bacon dipped in chocolate. After all, chocolate makes everything better, Jonas reasoned.

Jonas heard about the new treat from a friend, read about it in one of her candy magazines, then got word of the state fair connection. Pork producers must love the idea, she said. So she decided to start frying up some bacon about 6-9 months ago.

“You fry the bacon and get all the grease and all that good stuff out of it,” she said. “And then you just dip it in chocolate ... our chocolate ... the best chocolate. And I get thick-slabbed bacon. I tried it with just regular bacon, but it couldn’t really get that salty flavor. You couldn’t really taste the bacon because the chocolate was so overwhelming. With the thick slab, there is a lot more bacon inside it.”

Jonas uses milk chocolate, but she’s thought of dipping some of her bacon in dark chocolate at some point. She uses about a pound of bacon per week.

An even newer offering adds eggs to the bacon. She has a fried egg mold that, with the addition of a little food coloring on her white chocolate, gives customers a full-chocolate meal of bacon and eggs.

What more could you ask for?

This being the candy-popular Easter season, she has had some special orders for her chocolate-covered bacon.

“I’ve had several orders for Easter brunch. People wanted to come and pick it up Saturday for their Easter brunch,” she said.

There is no getting around the fact that this is a man’s treat.

“It seems like it’s a lot of men who like it. They love it, and I get a lot of people who come in that have heard about it. So they’ll buy a bunch to take back to the office,” she said. “Yesterday, I had some guys in from the Harley shop, and they had to take a bunch back to the guys back there. It’s mostly guys.”

Manly guys. Bacon-friendly guys. Guys with “Hogs.”


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